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Opera Backup 2011 Uninstall – The Most Efficient Method Available for Opera Backup 2011

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on January 12th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Opera Backup 2011 is a simple, attractive program that will allow you to back up your Opera profile so you can restore it should the worst happen to your browser. Are you trying to remove Opera Backup 2011 from your computer? What can you do to completely uninstall Windows program? If you have installed Opera Backup 2011 on your PC, you need to remove it in the most effective & complete way possible, this can be done by using the tutorial outlined on this page.


If you’re an IT professional or just a really geeky tech-nerd, then you can attempt a manual removal of Opera Backup 2011.

1. Click “Start” on the bottom left hand side of your computer screen.

2. Select “Control Panel” from the menu which appears.

3. After that, locate “Add/Remove Programs”, where you should then see a large list of the applications on your PC.

4. Click on “Opera Backup 2011″ and remove it from your system.

5. Follow the uninstall process, where you should then see it removed from your computer.


The manual method involves tinkering with your PC registry folders. You’ll need to delete the registry keys in your HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder associated with Opera Backup 2011, delete the related files and folders. You can follow tips below to perform the force removal:

1. Click “Start.” Type “regedit” in the Search box to locate the Windows registry.

2. Press the “Fn” key and the “F3″ key simultaneously. Type “Opera Backup 2011″ in the search box that appears. Click “Next” to locate the Opera Backup 2011 registry files.

3. Click a registry file and then press “Delete” to delete it. Delete all “Opera Backup 2011″ registry files.

4. Restart your computer.


This type of system editing is only recommended for experts, because a small error on your behalf can result in system failure or expensive repair bills. If uninstalling via the Control Panel won’t work, you can try using a removal program like Perfect Uninstaller to get rid of anything Opera Backup 2011-related. Automatic removal provided by Perfect Uninstaller takes less than 10 minutes to force remove Opera Backup 2011 and all programs you don’t need on your computer.


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