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Operating System Not Found Error – Fix It Easily

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on January 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

An “Operating System Not Found” error message will appear when you are trying to open a Windows-based computer telling something like this:

“Operating system not found
Missing Operating System
Setup did not find any hard drives installed on your computer.

Operating System missing

This can also happen even though you have just reinstalled the system. What is up and how can you fix “Operating System Not Found” error easily?

When getting the “Operating System Not Found” error message, don’t worry too much and just restart the computer. Sometimes, it is a temporary issue with the PC and can be solved instantly after a system reboot. Also, you can try the “Last Known Good Configuration” to solve the problem. However, it the error remains after several reboot tries, maybe you need to perform something more complicated to troubleshoot and fix this hard drive error.

If the “Last Known Good Configuration” does not work, the “Operating System Not Found” error message might be caused by the unfortunate wear and tear corruptions of the data existing on the hard drive. So, you can instantly repair the damaged hard drive and prevent a complete reinstallation of your system by using the Windows installation CD. To do this, you can simply follow these steps:

* Insert your XP installation disc into an optical drive and start up the computer.
*When the welcome screen appears, hit the R key on your keyboard. The, you will directly enter you into recovery mode with a DOS prompt.
*Then type chkdsk /p and hit Enter to launch the utility to check for errors on your hard drive.
*When the scan finishes, type fixboot and hit Enter to repair any found damaged boot files which may have become corrupted. If you are asked to confirm, type the Y key on your keyboard to provide confirmation.
* Type exit and press the Enter key to restart the computer.

If the above steps do not work to deal with the “Operating System Not Found” error, one method you can try is to pull out some non-essential cards from your system except your graphics card, for example, you can remove your Sound, Modem and Ethernet cards when trying to install Windows on the computer. That is because one of these cards can hang the computer from running properly and stop you from booting up the computer properly. But you need to add those cards back to your system when the installation. Only in this way, can the computer work correctly all the time without errors.

After dealing the problem with the hardware devices, you have to check and fix Windows registry errors. The “Operating System Not Found” error will happen when something goes wrong with the registry. The Windows registry is the storage area of all computer logs regarding programs, applications, operations, and configurations. This way, the computer and all the software & hardware can always run properly without problems. Also, all data and settings within the registry tend to grow in volume as time goes and every time the computer is used. Finally, it ends up with some invalid/broken/useless entries, stopping the PC from running correctly. If the system cannot or has difficulties in accessing its required entries to start up the PC or launch a program, a “Operating System Not Found” error message will happen. Luckily, you can solve the problem instantly by running a registry cleaning tool. It is designed to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors inside.

As above introduced, many unknown aspects can bring in the appearance of an “Operating System Not Found” error message to happen. However, it is not too terrible at all if you know how to troubleshoot and fix it. Simply follow these steps and you will soon deal with these problems easily.

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