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Outlook error 0X8004102A – Repair error 0X8004102A in Outlook easily

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While trying to synch the Hotmail account in Outlook using the Outlook Hotmail Connector, many users will get the following error message in the Send/Receive dialog:
“Task ‘’ reported error (0X8004102A): ‘Error with Send/Receive’.”

error 0X8004102A in Outlook

Sometimes, even though the emails are coming down fine and the calendar is synced as it should when the Outlook error 0X8004102A occurs, the address book was not synced properly. Typically, this error is reported when the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector account is syncing changes to a folder but was unable to find the folder in the Outlook client. Just take it easy if you are suffered from this error and here you will get some possible solutions to solve error 0X8004102A in Outlook easily.

To deal with this Outlook error, you can manually perform the following steps:
*Look through your Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook to determine which of the problematic folder has the most current items.
*Directly copy the folder and rename the copy to a temporary name.
*Perform a Send/Receive in Microsoft Outlook again to see whether it works and ensure the temporary folder is present both on the web and the client after sync. Sometimes, it may take a couple of synchronizations if a lot of items are present in the folder and you should be patient enough if it takes a much longer time.
*When the synchronizations completes, delete both the original folder from Hotmail and in Microsoft Outlook.
*Perform another Send/Receive in Microsoft Outlook to see whether you still get the error 0X8004102A message or not.
*If the same error code appears, look at the Sync Issues folder again to find any more folder names that are out of sync with the server and perform the above steps again to verify & solve the problem.

If you have performed the above instructions but keep on receiving the above Outlook error 0X8004102A message, check and make sure that the Outlook running on your computer is the latest version. Sometimes, a bug within the current version on your PC can bring in kinds of errors such as Outlook error 80040115 to happen. Also, you can directly uninstall the one from your PC and re-download & install the latest one.

Sometimes, a virus may stop you from syncing, receiving or sending emails properly by eating up system resources or deleting some required files. For the safety of the computer, you’d better run your antivirus immediately and let it running in the background all the time to realtime block & remove any PC threat.

Last but not least, you need to completely scan and fix Windows registry errors. Everything on your computer from your email account, password, software & hardware settings, etc are all stored in Windows registry database. No matter whenever you send out a PC request, the computer will first read through this database for the required entries before carrying out the request. If the system fails to smoothly access the required entries and cannot perform the request, some errors will happen. That is to say, if the Outlook cannot recall the necessary entries to sync, send or receive emails, an Outlook error 0X8004102A message will appear immediately. Hence, you should make sure the computer registry is clean from any errors. You can do this by manually edit the registry or automatically with a registry cleaning tool. For the proper running of the PC, an automatic tool is highly recommended.

As one of the most popular email clients, Outlook may generate some unexpected errors at some time. But if you are able to maintain PC performance and the Outlook program properly in daily PC like, the Outlook error 0X8004102A will be effectively prevented and resolved.

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