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Outlook error cannot find email server – Troubleshoot and fix it now

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When trying to access your Outlook, or send/receive emails via Outlook, you will surprisingly get a message saying that “Cannot find the email server”. This is not a strange Outlook error message as all as we have to rely on this email client either for your daily work or study. But not all of PC users know what exactly causes the Outlook error cannot find email server and solve it easily by themselves. And the only phenomena that I have ever found is that they just wait for it to correct itself or rush to a computer repair store. Actually, you are able to troubleshoot and fix this Outlook error on your own.

solve Outlook error

From the above causes you can know that, to fix Outlook error cannot find email server you have to make sure that you can access to the Internet properly and you have been already using the latest version of Outlook program.

Also, check your firewall settings to see whether there is something wrong. Sometimes, some third-party firewall will block the Outlook service and display the “Cannot find the email server” messages. To do it, temporarily disable your firewall and then try logging onto your Outlook account. If you are successful, check the firewall settings and let them to allow your Outlook to connect to the internet.

Sometimes, a missing file especially scanpst.exe can stop you from using Outlook properly by showing a “Cannot find the email server” message. At this time, you can directly download a free scanpst.exe from the Internet when getting such Outlook error. But to ensure a safe download, it is better to download it from a completely safe website and you’d better scan the file with your antivirus antispyware program before place it on your PC. After overwriting the corrupted scanpst.exe file, the Outlook problem will be solved.

However, if you do not want to exploit your system to more serious damages, one safest method to solve the Outlook error is to directly uninstall and reinstall your Outlook program. To uninstall it, you can directly perform the steps here:

* Click Start, Control Panel, and then double-click on Add or Remove Programs.
* In the Currently installed programs box, find the Outlook program you want to uninstall, and then click Remove.
* If you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program, click Yes to go.

After the above uninstallation, clean up any registry errors on your computer. Some users will ignore this when encountering the Outlook error cannot find email server without realizing that registry is the main component of the computer. Registry contains all the settings and options of the computer so when something goes wrong, numerous error will come on the neck of another. So do remember to scan and fix your registry problems with a trusted registry repair utility.

So, even though acts as the most popular email client, Outlook can also generate some frequent error messages just like “Cannot find the email server” in sending or receiving emails. However, with the above steps, you can easily troubleshoot and fix it on your own from now on.

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