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Outlook Express loads very slowly – Tips to speed up Outlook Express quickly

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on November 17th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Your Outlook Express may be response slowly as you open it, create a new mail message, or switch identities. This can most of the time drive you mad when you are in a need to send or read an email. Actually, same as the computer, the Outlook Express can load slowly as time goes; but there are still some tips you can take in your daily life to speed it up.

speed up Outlook Express

Sometimes, you will find that your Outlook Express loads very slowly even though you have deleted a bunch of old emails. This is because your outlook still has to look through the entire file for emails to check whether it is full or empty. In this is the case for you, you should compact this file to speed up your Outlook speed. To do this, simply perform the below steps:
* Launch your Outlook
* Click tools and then Options
* Click the mail setup tab
* Open up data files and then click on settings
* Click compact now
* It may take a minute or two
* Done

Secondly, you need to timely update the application driver so as to make it run faster all the time. If you couldn’t find the relevant driver in your hand, download it from its official website (most application official website offers latest drivers to be downloaded). Make sure you are downloading and installing the correct driver for your application, otherwise what you are trying is just invalid.

Thirdly, to speed up your Outlook Express you need to run your antivirus program regularly. Sometimes, the outdated version of your antivirus program is also another cause for the computer crashes. At this time, do go to check your antivirus manufacturer’s website check for all available updates. But what I really want to say here is that the viruses or spyware program on the computer are able to attack, break all files on your system, which will result in the corrupted entries on the computer and unexpected computer freezing rather than a slower Outlook Express.

Sometimes, why the Outlook Express loads slowly has something to do with the problem on your Outlook program itself. Once there is something wrong with the program or some file has been deleted by accidently, the Outlook will run slower. So to solve it and make it run faster, the last thing you should do is to run a trusted registry cleaning tool to ensure that all of its registry entries are cleaner and working properly. However, if the problem remains, the only thing you should do is – insert your Microsoft Office installation CD to reinstall your Outlook programs. This will be the last beg as after a reinstallation, all of your contacts will be gone immediately.

To sum, the Outlook Express can run slowly as you use it for a long time; but if you are able to maintain it regularly in daily usage, it may run smoothly without sudden slowness, freezing or unexpected error message. Thanks for reading and wish you speed up Outlook Express quickly!

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