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Permanent Solution You Can Use to Uninstall ClaroRead from PC

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on November 30th, 2012 | Leave a comment

ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for helping users of all capabilities create, read, view, check and scan text on the PCs and Macs with high quality natural human-sound voices. You may experience several problems with the application such as it has stopped working when opening. Need to reinstall a new version of ClaroRead? Have difficulty in removing program from your system completely? We provide this tutorial to help computer users with ClaroRead uninstalling.

To shut down ClaroRead many ways are available such as right-clicking the tray icon to close background services or killing its process by bringing up the Task Manager. To make it fully closed within Task Manager, you can simply press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and press the Processes tab. Then, if you see anything to do with ClaroRead while scrolling down the list of programs, you can highlight it and press End Process.


Now uninstall ClaroReadby Following steps below:

1. Open the Start menu, and select Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP, Programs and Features on Vista or Windows 7.

3. Scroll through the list of currently installed programs until you find the name of ClaroRead, select it and then click on Remove or Uninstall button.

4. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal.


Next, you need to find out and delete its files and registry values.

1. Click Start menu – select run – type in regedit and press enter

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – go to Software and find out ClaroRead – delete it


If you don’t know how to remove the right files, I would recommend that you use software to perform this action for you. There is a program that can be downloaded off the internet called the Perfect Uninstaller, this software will not only remove all traces of the software from your computer and registry but will speed up your computer and increase its overall performance.


Looking for uninstall ClaroRead quickly and easily? Equip your machine with Perfect Uninstaller now. You will be shocked by the automatic PicBand Image Downloader or Everest Home Edition removal completed by Perfect Uninstaller.

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