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Possible computer memory issues – Optimize PC performance easily

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on March 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment

No matter you are running a slow or an old computer, the users will at sometimes suffer from some possible computer memory issues. That is to say, the computer or some programs like Internet browsers run slow and crash and some other programs act randomly & freeze without any reason. Furthermore, the computer will suddenly display an error message saying that “The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0X0000001a (0X0000000000003452, 0X000000000dce2000, 0Xfffff700010bb0f0, 0Xd8d00000752e586e). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 031613-17175-01″ or some other types. For the smooth running of the computer, you should learn how to optimize PC performance easily.

optimize PC performance

First of all, run your antivirus program to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all detected viruses. Viruses and other malware are notoriously known for eating up system resource and slowing down computer performance. So, to make sure your computer is clean and without any infection files is a practical and basic method to optimize PC performance and prevent some possible PC memory issues. In my opinion, we are at risk to be infected by kinds of PC threats though the computer is only for daily use. So, it is recommended that you can let your antivirus running in the background to realtime protect your PC.

Then, the computer or some certain programs on your computer will stop working when they are outdated. So to optimize computer performance and get rid of some possible computer memory issues, to update your computer is no longer an optional part. These three updates include:

* Update your software especially anti-virus programs to the latest version to realtime prevent viruses, worms, spyware attacks;
* Update your computer with the latest Microsoft patches, fixes to prevent some bugs that cause by the system itself.
* Update your device drivers to the latest ones. BTW, this helps to easily prevent some errors like device manager error code 21.

Thirdly, remove undesirable files from hard disk. The variety of unwanted files locate on the hard disk can severely reduce the system performance and cause some unexpected computer memory issues. The Disk Cleanup utility from the Windows- based system can help you totally remove multiple types of files:
• Temporary Internet files.
• Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets.
• Files from Recycle Bin.
• Windows temporary files, such as error reports generate by the system itself.
• Undesirable Windows components
• Associated files of the program which have been uninstall
• Unnecessary restore points and shadow copies from System Restore.

After the above steps, defrag the disk files. The more files and programs you add to the system, the more slowly the computer runs. This is because once you install a program or transfer a file to the hard disk, the system needs to break the file structure for your task. As time goes by, the files without order need more and more time to be read by the system. This can drastically decrease the system performance, or even lead to some possible computer memory issues or system crashes. If you need to speed up computer and defrag the fragmented files, you may consider choose the built- in Disk Defragmenter.

Finally, download and run some computer repair tool. Actually, to prevent some possible computer memory issues easily, you can use some computer optimization tools to help you fix all problems that would cause a slow PC performance. To my own experience, I would like to highly recommend one of the best computer optimization tools – Registry Easy. It is a program that helps not only repair the slow computer speed and boost up computer speed, but also clean up hard disk, back up or restore system, and fix all common PC problems within minutes.

In conclusion, any computer will become slow, run abnormally or suffer from various possible computer memory issues due to many unknown aspects; however, some simple things in daily life helps to easily optimize PC performance and make it run at peak status permanently.

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