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Possible solutions to speed up windows 7 boot time

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on April 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

When was the last time for your Windows 7 computer to boot faster? Some may said that it was when they bought it new as it takes only a few second to start up or launch some certain programs. However, as time goes you will soon experience a slow computer startup which takes forever to load the system. This can be something annoys lots of PC users especially when they are in a need to use the computer urgently. Besides, a slow PC startup can finally lead to a sluggish computer performance. Follow these tips now and you will soon speed up Windows 7 boot time!

speed up Windows 7

To speed up Windows 7 boot time, you need to disable unneeded Visual Effects. The Visual Effects utility is designed for better system performance. Some of the undesirable options seem to have the power to drastically slowdown the system performance. Once the system encounters a distinctive decrease, you may need to disable some Visual Effects options for system tune- up.

Secondly, keep PC Away from Spyware. Spyware refers to any technology that aids in stealing your private or business information from your computer for commercial purposes through sneaking into your computer and seriously destroying your PC. Especially when it requires huge amount of system resources and network bandwidth to spread itself to remote PCs, it can drastically slowdown system performance, display various error message like audiodg.exe error or cause a slow computer startup speed.

Thirdly, uninstall any unneeded programs immediately. You may have never noticed that how many unwanted programs you have installed on your computer, especially on C:\. The programs on C:\ need to consume system resources while they are running for some of the software manufacturers attempt to gain profits through requiring its components to run at system startup. The more programs you are running from C:\, the more system resources the components consume. These components can dramatically reduce the system performance and slowdown PC speed seriously. To speed up Windows 7 boot time, you may consider enabling Windows Add/Remove app to uninstall the large bundle of the programs you have seldom used.

By the way, some invalid files in your hard disk will greatly slow down the Windows 7 computer startup speed. After uninstalling the unneeded programs, you should run the Windows disk cleanup program. This will remove files that are no longer needed, saving you space and improving computer performance.

Last but not least, fix Windows registry errors. Windows registry is the main and central database for the Windows system, where vital files, settings & options are stored. Because of this database, the system can know how and when to perform the computer and all installed software smoothly and properly. Even though it plays important role in maintaining smooth computer life, it at the same time can slow down Windows 7 boot up speed. So to speed up Windows boot up time, it is strongly recommended that you can scan and clean out all registry errors at regular basic by using a registry cleaner tool. This helps to quickly make sure that all the parts of Windows registry are 100% working correctly without problems.

In my opinion, if you are able to follow all these steps and perform them on a regular basic, I am sure you will soon speed up Windows 7 boot time and enjoy a faster PC speed at the same time. So, why don’t you start performing them from now on???

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