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Press Center: Spyware Cease 3.1 Releases!

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on February 17th, 2009 | Leave a comment

(February 13, 2009) — SpywareCease.com, a system security developer on creating safer computing environment for PC users, today announced the availability of Spyware Cease 3.1. This release focuses on simplifying the usage introduced by Spyware Cease 3.0 in regard to the Analysis and Tools toolkits. All users who have upgraded to 3.0 are encouraged to upgrade to this new version, by clicking the Update tab in main interface. Alternatively you can download the latest installation package by visiting http://www.spywarecease.com/download.php .

“We are pleased to see Spyware Cease continues the innovation of system security solutions,” said Gary Luo, CEO of SpywareCease.com. “These solutions provide a new usage scenario that helps PC users detect & remove spyware threats, custom individual computer problem fix and manage stubborn files more simply and easily, either in the home or office environment.”

Significant enhancement in Spyware Cease 3.1:

  • Ease of Use and Convenience. Spyware Cease 3.1 continues to improve the stability of the Scan, Guard and Analysis toolkits, including Quick Scan, Full Scan, real-time Shield, Blacklist, Whitelist, Analysis and Custom Fix, enhancing customers’ need for convenience and productivity
  • Easy accessibility. After integration of the analysis and submit toolkits, the analysis function automatically switches to the submit toolkit once clicking the Submit button on the Analysis tab, saving the time and complicacy for searching the analysis report and forwarding it to the support team.
  • Force files deletion. Spyware Cease 3.1 is able to delete all unknown or stubborn files and folders, effectively reducing files clutter on your disks. With this feature, you need not empty the Recycle Bin; Spyware Cease will have all the deleted files completely removed from your PC system.
  • Registry Monitor. This newly added-in capability works with all registry entries. Only by offering the registry entries, all operations of relative registry keys can be monitored, with help of which users can easily locate the malicious registry modifications and the malware threats.

Whenever spyware threats take you, free from them with Spyware Cease, a computer security developer that makes great effort to improve itself all the time, while dedicating to offer more convenience for PC users on protecting their system security all over the world.


Download Spyware Cease 3.1 now:


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