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Problem of AppCrash – Deal with AppCrash error

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A problem of AppCrash appears suddenly while you are using the computer; at this time, the computer will appear to “freeze” or become unresponsive. Also, the Windows will display a message similar to the following when the AppCrash error appears: “program has stopped responding and needs to close” or “the program has performed an illegal operation and needs to close”. Because of this, the applications will suddenly stop working, making some of your on-working projects go like smoke. If it appears constantly, you’d better learn how to deal with AppCrash error on your own!

AppCrash error

If the computer suddenly freezes with an AppCrash error message displays, directly restart the PC. This can only be a temporary issue and can be solved after a simple reboot. But if the error keeps on appearing frequently, read on for more details to deal with it.

If a reboot does not solve the AppCrash error, you can directly go to Start/Run and type eventvwr.msc and hit enter to go. When you are in the Event Viewer, click Applications, right click any Red X’s on the right side and choose Properties. Then, it will tell you what application is having problems. At this time, you can either uninstall and reinstall the program or directly update it to the latest version. Some bugs within the current version of the program on your computer will in many cases bring in the appearance of the problem of AppCrash messages to appear.

Thirdly, a common reason for an AppCrash error has something to do with a virus or other malicious software in your system. We all know that, viruses or other malware are able to get onto the computer secretly without your permission, and has the ability to cause potential damage to the root of your system, for example, changing default computer settings and affecting the proper running of the Windows applications. Aside from that, some advanced malicious programs like spyware and adware are powerful enough to change your operating system’s configuration and stop you from running some applications correctly. To troubleshoot and fix AppCrash error, you need to first make sure the computer is totally virus and malware clean. By the way, a virus infection is also the main cause for some other errors like error code 12, and it is best that you should keep the PC always virus free.

If after the above steps the AppCrash error remains, you can restore the system to a previous state before the error message appears. This simple job takes you back to the state before the AppCrash error message occurred and gets rid of the error easily. So if you have ever made a system restore point, directly perform the below steps and continue:

* Go to Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore.
* Right click on “System Restore” under the System Tools tab, then click “Pin to Start Menu” easy access.
* Press continue at the “Windows needs you permission to continue dialog box.
* Select “Choose a different Restore Point”.
*If “Choose a different restore point” was selected the “Choose a restore point” dialog box will appear. Choose a restore point and click on Next.
* Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the restore job.

Finally, I would recommend you to fix Windows registry errors so as to prevent and fix the AppCrash error messages. The registry database is something that holds crucial data that tells how your computer to run correctly as well as stores information such as chat logs, old documents, saved emails and software that has not been completely removed from the computer. If there are too many useless entries within the registry database, it may cost the system more time to start up, shut down or even generate kinds of error messages. To always ensure a clean system without a sudden AppCrash error messages, it is highly recommended to regularly troubleshoot and fix Windows registry problems.

To sum, if a problem of AppCrash appears too frequently on your PC, do not ignore it! It is best that you should know what causes it so as to effectively deal with it. This way, you can get the computer always run smoothly without some annoying AppCrash error messages in launching some desired programs.

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