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Profound Technology & Brand-New Interface – Spyware Cease 2011 Released!

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on January 6th, 2011 | Leave a comment

Experiencing 2-year research and development, Spyware Cease has been successfully upgraded and Spyware Cease 2011 is released now! Specialized at detecting and removing computer threats, the R & D Center of Spyware Cease 2011 employs high-end servers which can collect thousands of computer threats every single day.

What is new in Spyware Cease 2011?
Supported by top servers of its Security Center, Spyware Cease 2011 is more powerful at removing PC threats, as it applies unique online scan technology, which can detect as high as 95% new computer threats. Moreover, the new version takes shorter time and lesser CPU to complete a computer scan.

In addition to enhancing the powerful online scan and threat removal technologies, Spyware Cease 2011 provides functions for users to optimize computers, like registry fix, network tools and CPU & Memory usage monitoring, with which computers can speed up and stay at perfect performance.

As for the appearance, Spyware Cease 2011 has a completely new interface. The specific guides for users produce more user-friendly experience.

In a word, Spyware Cease 2011 realizes an automatic security program combining the excellent utilities of threat removal and convenient computer optimization.

You are welcome to visit the official website of Spyware Cease 2011 at http://www.spywarecease.com. Install it, forget it and let it take care of computer security and computer maintenance automatically.

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