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Quickly and Easily Uninstall Home Plan Pro from Computer

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Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw straightforward designs. Have you ever come across errors when reinstalling the new version of Home Plan Pro? Can’t uninstall Home Plan Pro completely? How to fully remove Windows software with ease? This article provides you some useful information on how to uninstall Home Plan Pro thoroughly.

First method: remove Home Plan Pro with its own uninstaller

1. Open Start Menu, then move to All Programs.

2. Navigate to Home Plan Pro on the right list and then locate to Uninstall Home Plan Pro.

3. Click it, and then click YES to follow the prompts to finish the removal.


Second method: uninstall Home Plan Pro with Windows standard uninstaller

1. Open Control Panels on the Start Menu.

2. Click to open Add/Remove Programs.

3. Once all programs are shown on the list of Currently Installed Programs, navigate to Home Plan Pro.

4. Click Uninstall and continue with the following prompts.


Basically speaking, the application is supposed to be removed from your computer after those steps. However, even you are informed that you have successfully uninstalled it, some of the temporary files and registry are still in the system. So you may get trapped when installing another similar program or reinstall the same Home Plan Pro. What’s going on? That is because there are still some trash, such as broken registry keys, unnecessary files and folders, which can’t be totally deleted and prevent you to perform the installation.


Tips to delete all trace of Home Plan Pro:

1. Open Windows Search to search for all related files.

2. Once shown on the interface, delete those files immediately.

3. Click Start Menu, then click Run.

4. Enter regedit and click Yes to run Registry Editor.

5. Find out entries related Home Plan Pro, then delete every related entry.

6. If you want, reboot the computer.


If you seriously don’t have any idea how and why this worked, you may need to be aware about the solution provided by Perfect Uninstaller in order to get the problem sorted. A fully installed Perfect Uninstaller simply helps you remove Home Plan Pro the easiest way possible. With Perfect Uninstaller, you can also get rid of earlier version of Home Plan Pro on your own effort.


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