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Recommended Methods to Uninstall Haali Media Splitter from PC

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on December 9th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Using the Haali Media Splitter and needing a reinstallation for the program? Maybe you would just love to uninstall Haali Media Splitter to free way up some space in your hard drive. No matter what the case is, completely removing Windows software from your computer is not without its challenges. Want to quickly and fully uninstall Haali Media Splitter from your PC? Choose your preferred method for removing Haali Media Splitter.

Method 1: Using the (Add/Remove) Programs functionality throughout Windows

1. Open Windows Control Panel.

2. Under “Programs” Click “Uninstall a Program” (Might be listed as “Programs and Features” if not sorted by categories).

3. Select Haali Media Splitter from the list of installed applications and click “uninstall”.

4. Restart your computer.


Delete files that are left after performing the uninstall with tips below:

1.Check if the “C:\Program Files\Haali Media Splitter\” (on 64 bit Windows “C:\Program Files (x86)\Haali Media Splitter\Haali Media Splitter”) folder is empty or that it doesn’t exist anymore. If it’s not empty or still exists, delete the folder. (keep in mind: not ProgramData, but Program Files)

2. Check if there’s a “Haali Media Splitter” file in “C:\Windows\”. If it exists, right-click it and choose “uninstall”. (Be very careful what you do in this folder!)


Method 2: Uninstalling Haali Media Splitter an award-winning uninstaller

Have you ever encountered unexpected problem while uninstalling Haali Media Splitter? How can you completely and safely eliminate Windows software from computer? If you feel that it is hard to operate Haali Media Splitter removal, I’ll highly recommend you to choose a professional uninstall tool which is much easier to use. Using a tool like the Perfect Uninstaller is a better and faster solution to uninstall programs. It will return you a complete error free system without leftover/useless registry entries within clicks. You can remove Haali Media Splitter or uninstall any software completely and successfully without any traces of the program or software uninstalled.


You can uninstall Haali Media Splitter with Perfect Uninstaller as following:

1. Quit and exit any running program.

2. Run Perfect Uninstaller.

3. Click the Haali Media Splitter to be uninstalled in the “Display Name” list as attached.

4. Click the “Uninstall” button to start the removal.

5. Follow the onscreen steps to finish the removal.


You are able to uninstall FinalBurner or UltraShredder completely within minutes. So, why not give this perfect uninstaller a try?

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