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Recommended Options for Uninstalling Jezzball Ultimate for Good

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Jezzball Ultimate is an outstanding re-make of a popular Xonix game. Do you need to uninstall Jezzball Ultimate from your computer when you are mad on another new game? How can you delete all the components of Jezzball Ultimate permanently? If you are not quite sure about how to fully uninstall games, then the following solution will assist you to remove the unneeded Jezzball Ultimate for good.

Remove Jezzball Ultimate from your computer step by step

1. If you have opened the game, you should end the game in Windows Task Manager before you run the un-installation.

2. Click on the Start button in the left hand corner of your desktop to find the Control Panel menu.

3. Double click on the Control Panel tab to open it and then click on the programs option.

4. In the pop up window with many options for maintaining programs, choose Uninstall a program. Then computer will spend a minute or two to compile a list of programs installed on your computer.

5. Scroll through the list until you find Jezzball Ultimate.

6. Click on the Jezzball Ultimate and then select Uninstall. Or you can simply double click on the Jezzball Ultimate and then a User Account Control window will open asking permission to continue with removing the program.

7. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal.

8. Restart your computer if necessary.


If you finish the above steps, you should take the following essential steps to clean up leftover items:

1. Search for files related to Jezzball Ultimate.

2. Search for folders named as Jezzball Ultimate.

3. Open HKEL_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Delete all the files related to Jezzball Ultimate.


Are you able to precisely delete every one of the “leftover” aspects of an item of Jezzball Ultimate out of your PC? If the job is a bit difficult for you, we don’t recommend you take a chance. Any failed deletion will lead to system error. So how to force uninstall Jezzball Ultimate from your system safely and thoroughly? Another option should be to download a third-party uninstaller tool.


Well, in order to save you time and provide you a safely and easily solution to resolve this kind of problems, there are some incomparably intelligent software engineers who have created an application named: Perfect Uninstaller. Just download Perfect Uninstaller on your computer, and use this uninstaller tool to automatically remove Jezzball Ultimate once and for all.


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