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Removal Instruction for Air Strike 3D – How to Fully Delete Air Strike 3D from Computer

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Air Strike 3D is a modern vertical scrolling shoot-em up computer game. If you are a player of Air Strike 3D and are looking to remove the game then continue reading for a closer look at Air Strike 3D removal procedures. It is advisable that you follow this guide to remove games as soon as quickly.

Manual removal of Air Strike 3D:


Method One: Uninstalling Air Strike 3D with its built-in uninstaller

1. Go to Start Menu and to click on All Programs.

2. Find “Air Strike 3D” within the list of “all programs”.

3. Click “uninstall Air Strike 3D” within the list of “Air Strike 3D”.


Method Two: Uninstall Air Strike 3D with Windows Add/Remove Programs.

1. Click your Start button and then go to Control Panels.

2. On the Control Panels, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

3. After it list all programs on the interface, highlight Air Strike 3D.

4. Click Uninstall and keep on with the prompts.


If you have any difficulties with manual removal instructions, then the next method may be a good option.


For a better and easier way to uninstall Air Strike 3D, it is recommended to use an effective uninstaller tool. The best uninstaller program is the tool that’s able to get rid of the programs you have on your computer in the most effective & reliable way possible. We’ve found that there are actually a lot of pieces of software out on the Internet which claim to be good at uninstalling software from your PC, but we’ve found that only one tool is able to clean out the programs you may have on your system in the most effective way possible. That tool is one called “Perfect Uninstaller”.


Automatic way to delete Air Strike 3D related files and registry entries

1. Download and save Perfect Uninstaller.

2. Operate it and highlight Air Strike 3D on the list.

3. Click Uninstall and follow the prompts.

4. Within one minute, you can succeed in removing Air Strike 3D files and entries.


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