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Remove CleanMyPC Completely from PC – CleanMyPC Uninstall Guide

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CleanMyPC is a cleaning and maintenance utility which does a solid job of boosting the performance of worn PCs. For those who are not satisfied would like to uninstall it from computer. What can you do when you are trying to uninstall PC maintenance software? No matter what it is, this article describe how you can force remove CleanMyPC from your computer easily.

You can perform the following removal method away to uninstall CleanMyPC.


1. Press Crtl + Alt + Del at the same time. This will bring up the windows task manager. Click on the Applications tab and highlight CleanMyPC. If it is present then click End Task.


2. Now you can remove CleanMyPC with standard Add/Remove Programs.

1). Open Control Panels on the Start Menu.

2). Click Add/Remove Programs on the interface and then make a full search through your system.

3). Soon, you will see all currently installed programs are all listed, highlight CleanMyPC.

4). Click Uninstall next to it and follow the prompts to complete the uninstall.


Manual removal procedure is not simple as you think. Be patient as it will usually take long time to complete the uninstall. To remove directories and keys related to CleanMyPC:

1. Click on Start Menu, then move to Search.

2. In the blank space, type in CleanMyPC.

3. Select Local Hard Drives and then click on Search Now.

4. Remove all CleanMyPC directories by right-click Delete.


You may encounter larger software that takes more time to remove. If you cannot uninstall CleanMyPC by these two methods above, you can try to uninstall the program with a 3rd party uninstall tool. There are many professional uninstall tools for you, and Perfect Uninstaller is one of the most excellent uninstall tool. Performing perfectly in many tests, Perfect Uninstaller can uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely.


Can the CleanMyPC be completely uninstalled in a simpler and more effective way? The answer is to use a trusted and reliable uninstall tool. Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful, trusted and reliable uninstall tool that can help you to uninstall any unwanted programs in a fast, secure and convenient way. A very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that it not only deletes those unwanted programs, but also force uninstalls all of the unwanted leftovers. Only with a few clicks, CleanMyPC is completely gone.


Perfect Uninstaller can ensure you to 100% uninstall other unneeded programs such as PC Booster and Weeny Free Registry Cleaner with great ease and make sure all the now-defunct registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically.

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