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Remove DeviantART Toolbar – DeviantART Toolbar Uninstalling Tips and Skills

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If you don not need DeviantART Toolbar, are you planning to uninstall it from your browser? How to remove DeviantART Toolbar from Firefox or IE? Find easy process to remove toolbars from your system? The following sections will provide a tutorial on how to delete DeviantART Toolbar with great ease.

There are basically two ways by which this toolbar can be removed effectively, one is through manually and other one is automatically.

To uninstall the DeviantART Toolbar from Firefox:

Step 1: On the Menu Bar, go to “Tools” -> “Addons”:

Step 2: Select the DeviantART Toolbar you wish to uninstall from the Extensions list – then click “Uninstall”:

Step 3: When prompted to do so, restart Firefox.

To uninstall the DeviantART Toolbar from IE:

Step 1: Go to Tools, Manage Add-ons.

Step 2: Select show currently loaded add-ons:

Step 3: By default, these programs are grouped by provider so is very easy to know what you have to delete. Just right-click DeviantART Toolbar and select disable.

When manually removing the toolbar from the system, you should spend more time in dealing with the latter process. As the DeviantART Toolbar will leave many components behind, these components should be removed from the system as well.

1. Go into “my computer” and select your hard drive.

2. From there go into the programs file folder and locate the folder you previously had DeviantART Toolbar installed in.

3. Now delete any files that pertain to any portion of DeviantART Toolbar.

As you can see, manual uninstall method needs time and PC knowledge requirements. If you’d like to easily and instantly get rid of DeviantART Toolbar from your system, you are recommended to use the particular piece of software called Perfect Uninstaller.

Perfect Uninstaller has been created to scan through your PC and get rid of any of the parts of a program that you don’t need on your computer. If you are having any problems removing DeviantART Toolbar from your PC, it’s advisable you download Perfect Uninstaller onto your PC and let it remove the program for you.

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