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Repair corrupt rundll.exe error – Solve rundll.exe error the simplest way

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on January 9th, 2013 | Leave a comment

During the running of the computer, you may get a corrupt rundll.exe error saying “Can’t Find rundll.exe file” or “Application not found” messages when starting up your computer, running a program or opening a file. Besides the frequent error messages, you might sometimes get computer/program freezes or crashes because of such a corrupt rundll.exe error. For the proper running of the computer, you should learn how to solve such exe application error as simply as you can.

solve rundll.exe error

The major cause for the rundll.exe error is malware infection. Malware programs, such as virus, worms, and trojans are able to deliberately alter the reference point of exe files on your computer. Besides, they are able to attack & remove any exe file from the PC or disguise themselves as a legitimate exe file on the computer. As a result, a rundll.exe error message is generated every time when the system trying to execute the infected exe file.

How to solve rundll.exe error?
As what we have said previously, the rundll.exe is a necessary system core file to ensure the proper running of the computer. Instead, it might be a malicious threat and brings in permanent damages to the computer. So, when noticing that there is a rundll.exe subfolder of “C:\Program Files”, you should immediately download and run a powerful antivirus antispyware program to thoroughly scan your computer to remove all PC threats. This helps to detect and remove threats and all malicious processes from your computer immediately. By the way, to prevent future computer threats and always ensure the smooth running of the computer, it is better that you can let your antivirus antispyware program running in the background.

Secondly, it’s likely the case that a file, setting or option inside the program using the rundll.exe file has become damaged, and will be unable to launch such file properly. To fix this, you should first look to update the program or uninstall & reinstall it again, allowing your computer to run much smoother as a result without a rundll.exe error message.

Thirdly, detect and update all outdated drivers on your computer. Derivers are needed to establish the relationship between the hardware and software on the computer to ensure its proper running. However, the outdated drivers on the computer will be one main cause of the rundll.exe application error when the system cannot read its needed drivers correctly. So simply detect your computer with an excellent driver update tool and install all recommended drivers now!

However, most of the time the rundll.exe error could probably be caused by registry error on the system. Registry is what needs to ensure the proper running of the computer by saving all the important settings and options of the operating system. Hence, a minor mistake in the registry database can eventually cause rundll.exe error when the system cannot locate the needed files or processes. A system repair utility can fix not only rundll.exe application errors but also help you detect and remove most of windows system errors on your PC.

Still annoyed with the corrupt rundll.exe errors on the computer but do not know what you should do? Want to run the computer properly all the time? Start launching the best computer repair tool from now on. Thus, you will soon solve rundll.exe error and some other associated errors the simplest way!

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