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Repair “Error Loading Operating System” problem on your own

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After pressing Power to boot up the computer and upon trying to load windows, some computer users will be confronted with a message indicating: “Error Loading Operating System” rather than the annoying Windows error code 39. Then the system just hangs and the only chance you can do is to restart the computer. If you are lucky, the “Error Loading Operating System” will disappear after a reboot. But sometimes, it persists! So, what causes the computer startup error and how can you solve the problem on your own?

solve computer error

solve computer error

If you still get the error message, restart your computer and get it into safe mode. This is a mode that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. To boot into Safe Mode, restart the computer and tap the F8 key for about four to five times when the computer restarts. Once you do that, you will soon see a Windows advanced option with Safe Mode listed; Select Safe mode using your arrow keys and then press enter to get the computer into a safe mode with networking. If you do not get the “Error Loading Operating System” error message, that means the error might be cause by insufficient CPU/memory. If at this time, you should make sure that you have all latest drivers installed on the computer, especially for the Video card. Please note that a device driver is such a program that works as an intermediate between hardware and much higher computer programs. With the help of the device drivers, we are able to run the computer and audio hardware correctly; otherwise, it will just be a cold machine. An outdated driver will stop you from starting up the computer correctly. Easily download a driver update program, and install all recommended drivers. Then, no “Error Loading Operating System” error message will show up the next time you start up the computer.

Also, you can directly restore the system to a previous state before the “Error Loading Operating System” message appears. This simple job takes you back to the state before the registry error message occurred and gets rid of the error easily. So if you have ever made a system restore point, directly perform the below steps and continue:

* Go to Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore.
* Right click on “System Restore” under the System Tools tab, then click “Pin to Start Menu” easy access.
* Press continue at the “Windows needs you permission to continue dialog box.
* Select “Choose a different Restore Point”.
*If “Choose a different restore point” was selected the “Choose a restore point” dialog box will appear. Choose a restore point and click on Next.
* Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the restore job.

Once you are able to get onto the computer, you’d better run a complete virus scan to completely scan and remove all PC viruses. We all know that computer viruses infect millions of computers every day and they are able to destroy data, steal important information, and even make a computer completely unusable. Once the computer infected, you will face with kinds of PC errors besides the “Error Loading Operating System” error message. So, the second thing you need to do right now is to thoroughly scan the whole computer with a professional antivirus program and remove all PC threats. They will hijack your computer and display the above error messages when you start up the computer.

Also, to prevent & fix “Error Loading Operating System” problem, you still have to ensure that there is no other system error especially registry errors by performing a registry cleaning job regularly. Registry holds a great deal of vital system configuration data in every installation to always ensure the smooth running of the computer and some other programs on the computer. However, it is an unfortunate fact that the computer registry can become bloated over time and may end up containing a very large number of incorrect or redundant entries, bringing in kinds of errors to the computer. When the system cannot recall the required entries to finish the request, you may sometimes get the “Error Loading Operating System” error notification. So, the most important computer maintenance tip you should do is to regularly check & fix computer registry errors.

Well, to solve the “Error Loading Operating System” problem can be very easy with the above steps. If you want to fix the problem as quickly as you can, I highly recommend that you can download and run the registry cleaning utility here. It usually detects and removes all errors within the computer instantly.

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