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Runtime error 216 fix – Solutions to fix runtime error 216 easily

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Sometimes while you are working something important on the PC, it will suddenly show an error message saying that: Runtime error 216 at 034138AE or 03FB38AE etc… Then, it is soon followed by an indication saying that the system will close the Internet Explorer browser or some of your running programs. I think, nothing can be more frustrating than getting an error message in using the computer. But the simple PC tweak tips here will help you troubleshoot and fix runtime error 216.

fix runtime error

We know that it is very easy for the computer to get infected by kinds of computer viruses and spyware programs in your daily computer life. Such threats will disable or reset your computer settings and do whatever it wants on the computer. Besides, some Virus makers are good in scripting to make their virus/malware as windows service. Once your PC or Internet settings have been attacked by such threats, you will be likely to get the runtime error 216 when trying to running the IE8. So, do remember to first scan and remove all PC threats from the computer immediately. By the way, from a study we can learn that there is a 90% chance for the computer to get infected by spyware programs even though the computer is only for daily usage. So, it is highly recommended that you can let your PC protection programs always running in the background to realtime block and remove all PC threats. This helps to effectively prevent and fix some errors like winload.exe error or Win32 computer error.

If possible, update all device drivers to the latest ones and install all available Windows service packs. Sometimes, the runtime error 216 may happen due to the missing updates in your system.

Thirdly, if you are a properly practiced PC user, you may try to fix runtime error 216 with managing the system setting:
*Step One: Disable Visual Studio.
*Step Two: Go to My Computer.
*Step Three: Go to Visual Studio folder and double-click the “Visual Basic” sub-folder. Find out the file “vb5ide.dll.”
*Step Four: Right-click “vb5ide.dll” and then go to “Properties.”
*Step Five: Download the Service Pack 3 installation file.
*Step Six: Double-click the Service Pack 3 installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the Visual Studio program and fix Runtime error 216.

Fourthly, you need to check if your registry is corrupted or full with errors. No matter what program we are running, it will call for corresponding registry information from windows registry to ensure its proper running. However, once there are registry errors existing, it will be a little difficult or impossible for the program to correctly reach all the necessary entries. This will not only make the computer run improper, but also result in kinds of popping-up error messages, for example, mysterious runtime error 216 messages, driver errors, ActiveX errors, code errors and MSN Messenger runtime errors. All of these, including the error messages, will severely slow down computer speed; affect the entire computer efficiency / stability.

Well, even though many aspects can bring in the appearance of a runtime error 216 message, you are able to easily troubleshoot and deal with it soon. Take the above steps in your daily life from now on, you will soon enjoy a pleasant PC life all the time.

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