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Runtime error 339 fix – Solve runtime error 339 quickly

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Runtime error 339 usually happens when you are trying to install a software program but the system cannot locate the .OCX file. According to my own experience, the error will appear when you first attempt to use the software program rather than during the installation process. To properly launch your certain programs and the computer, you’d better troubleshoot and fix all errors causing the .OCX file to go missing. Do not know how to get started? Follow me right now!

runtime 339 error

The first thing you need to do to repair the Runtime error 339 is to check and fix the .OCX file error that could be on your system. One of the main causes of this error is the way in which .OCX file is left outdated when you try and update your computer, making it important that you’re able have the most up to date version of this file on your system. To do this, it’s advisable that you use the Windows update feature to repair the various damaged elements of the .OCX on your system, which should stop the runtime 339 error in most cases.

If you still get the runtime error 339 message after the steps, the issue should be a software problem just like software conflict. Then, I suggest you take a clean boot to check whether it is a software conflict issue. To do this, you can simply perform the following steps:
* Click Start, type “MSCONFIG” (without the quotations) in the box and Press “Enter” to start the System Configuration Utility.
* And then click the “Services” tab, check the “Hide All Microsoft Services” box and click “Disable All”.
* Click the “Startup” tab, click “Disable All” and click “OK”.
* Restart the computer and see whether the error message happens.

If the runtime error 339 message still happens after the two above solutions, check and make sure that your computer is always well protected from threats. While using the computer, it is very easy for you to be infected through email attachments, pop-ups, illegal downloads, or the websites you visit. Once they get onto the computer, they will randomly do whatever they want just like remove some system required files, steal your personal information and so on. If any .OCX file required by the system to install your program has been removed incorrectly, you will come to the chance to get a runtime error messages. Hence, even though you are not suffered from such error messages right now, to maintain PC performance, it is highly advised that you should download and run an antivirus antispyware program regularly to well protect your computer all the time.

Finally, you need to solve Windows registry errors. Registry is a place to store all vital setting and options of the operating system to ensure its smooth running and the smooth running of all programs installed. In this way, a minor mistake due to virus attack or a bad installation/uninstalltion will cause the annoying Windows runtime error 339 messages when the system or the program cannot recall its required entries to load the job. So, to fix the problem, you can either fix registry errors manually (not recommended) or automatically with a registry cleaner utility.

Simply speaking, a runtime error 339 is a sign to tell you something missing from the computer and may stop you from installing some desired programs correctly. No matter whenever you find it appearing on the PC, take instant actions to solve it so as to prevent further damages.

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