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Runtime error 91- Get rid of runtime error 91 easily

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on January 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Runtime error 91:
Object variable or with block variable not set”

fix  runtime error

When running some programs such as a VB 6 program, the users will suddenly get the above runtime error 91 message either at startup or during the running process. From a study, we can learn that this runtime error is mostly the result of missing system/software files, corrupt registry entries, incorrect system settings or sometimes virus infection… With the solutions here, you will be able to get rid of runtime error 91 easily.

As you can see that, to fix computer runtime error 91, the first thing you should do is to eliminate any virus or Trojan from the computer. Besides, it is actually a fact that if you start getting an error message just like Windows Protection Error, it is wise to first check & remove the possibility of a recent virus infection from the PC. Running your anti-virus software in the background to realtime well protect your PC is the first thing you should do when trying to ensure a smooth computer life.

Secondly, if the runtime error 91 message indicates an error with a specific dll file, try to search the dll file on your computer. If you cannot locate it under any folder on your PC, it means that the file has either been moved or is not on your system. At this time, download a new copy from the Internet and then place it into the System32 folder. Once the file is present correctly on the PC and readable without problem, you won’t get a runtime error 91 “Object variable or with block variable not set” error any more.

Sometimes, a runtime error 91 can be caused by an improper installations or uninstallations of software. If you start getting the runtime error message after installing a program, directly uninstall it to see whether the error message has gone or not. Similarly, if a required file was mis-deleted together as you uninstall a program, you will also come to the chance to get a runtime error message. So, if you immediately get a runtime library error after uninstalling a program, directly reinstall it and you may easily get the error fixed.

Last but not least, you should download and run a registry repair tool from the Internet and completely scan your whole system. Acting as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry controls the proper functioning of the computer and other software/hardware. When a simple entry goes wrong, you will come to the chance to get kinds of runtime error messages rather than the runtime 91 error and some other computer errors. There are several very good programs on the market for you to check and fix computer registry errors. Don’t panic if you are not technically savvy as they will help you automatically scan and deal with all errors inside your PC. A registry error free system is what you should ensure when trying to run a PC without numerous runtime error messages or other computer errors.

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