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Scour.com Redirect – How to Remove Scour.com Browser Hijacker

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on September 30th, 2012 | Leave a comment
remove Scour.com

remove Scour.com

Scour.com is a malicious domain that replaces the existing internet browser home page, error page, or search page with its own. This site looking like a search engine is designed for advertising a new form of malware or spyware such as Best Malware Protection. A large numher of Internet surfers who are suffering from this infection daily is the most precise proof of the critical alert level that should be given to it. The intention of this browser hijacker is directly. Once your computer is infected, it will take over your browser and keep bringing your search to Scour.com URL, not letting you hit the actual addresses.

Infection Symptoms
Scour.com is easily infected when you click on some unknown information or download files from distrustful websites. But acquaint with the following infection symptoms can help you effectively detect and fix the problem:

  • The number of pop ups increases considerably.
  • Get another viruses and trojans.
  • Home page settings are altered.
  • Search results throw up bizarre results.
  • Computer crashes frequently.
  • Computer speed becomes slower.
  • Mysterious new tool bars appear which cannot be deleted.

Manual Way to Remove Scour.com
If you are able to detect the Scour.com infection on your computer and make clear about its specific location, you can try to remove it manually. And the general steps to remove this spyware are:

  1. Stop Scour.com related processes from running
  2. Find out and delete its related files
  3. Find out and delete its infected folders
  4. Clean its related registry values from Registry Editor

However, there is a big problem in the manual removing process: do you really can detect the Scour.com infection and find out every location of its infected components? The answers of most of users are negative, for that there are few knowledge and experience to support them to accomplish such a difficult task. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the following removal way unless those computer experts.

Best way to get rid of Scour.com
Have you tried to remove the browser hijacker in safe mode by your updated antivirus program? If your antivirus program failed to remove the spyware, you should download Spyware Cease to remove the spyware thoroughly. Spyware Cease is a powerful antispyware program with unique double-scan engine. Scour.com could not escape from being removed by the antispyware program.
1. Run Spyware Cease
2. Choose online scan
3. When the virus is detected, click remove button
4. Restart computer

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