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Searchab.com – How to Remove Searchab.com from PC

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on January 10th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Searchab.com is considered as suspicious domain since it contains a false search engine and use browser hijacker technique to increase traffic. At first sight, you may think the site is a normal search system, but when you use it you will soon find out the truth. The results are full of advertisements and other profitable sites. Searchab.com gives higher rank in search result to website that pay back to it no matter the website is malicious or not, so most of the result is unsafe content and commercial sites which promote unrelated application. Though the fake search engine does not damage the computer severely, it could be a beginning of disaster. When you use the fake search engine, you will be lead to malicious sites and then related virus gets a chance to infect your computer. The site is associated with browser hijacker virus that will change web browser settings and collect sensitive information. It is necessary to get rid of Searchab.com before you use the web browser to log in any account.

Possible way to get rid of Searchab.com manually
1. Kill related processes.
2. Delete files listed below:

%Windows%\system32\consrv.dll (counterfeit file)
%Windows%\system32\svchost.exe (counterfeit file)

3. Delete Searchab.com related registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search\CustomizeSearch=[site_address]

If you are not familiar with windows system especially registry, it is risky to remove Searchab.com manually and you probably can not success and even damage the system. If you also worry about system safety, following solution is more your best choice.

Recommended solution
An antivirus program is a safe tool for getting rid of Searchab.com virus. Do you have an antivirus program that can remove the browser hijacker virus effectively? For users who do not have an antivirus program or can not remove the redirect virus, we recommend them to use an antispyware program like Spyware Cease. It is proved that antispyware software does a better than antivirus in fixing web browser redirection. Spyware Cease is recommended in that it can remove Searchab.com and pick up potential risks.

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