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Searchnu.com Removal – How to Remove Searchnu.com Browser Hijacker easily

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Searchnu.com is classified as a malicious domain though it looks like a normal search engine site. Such fake search engine is usually related to redirect virus. The infected computer will get lots of problems, for example default home page is changed. Searchnu.com can replace the original default search engine and generate annoying ads. Browser hijacker virus always exploit web browser vulnerability and then install unknown add-on or insert malicious codes to the browser, so as to monitor users’ online activities. You may not know that Searchnu.com is collecting data on the background and those data may be sold to third parties. If you are redirected to the malicious domain from time to time, you should find out the cause as soon as possible. One possibility us there is an add-on like Searchnu is installed secretly. And another possibility is your pc is infected by browser hijacker virus.

How to get rid of Searchnu.com quickly

First of all, you should check whether a related toolbar such as Searchnu is installed on your web browser. There are two common removal ways.

1. Click start menu – go to control panel – run add/removal programs – select Searchnu on the list and click on remove button
2. Run your web browser, take Firefox for example. Go Tools – choose Add-ons – choose Extensions – click Searchnu and click Uninstall button.

Sometimes, we can not removal a toolbar due to various reasons. In such circumstances, you have another two choices. One is to use a third party uninstaller program like Perfect Uninstaller, which can force remove any unwanted program. The other is use a virus removal program which has detection on the suspicious Searchnu toolbar. Personally speaking, I think a virus removal program is more suitable for the redirect issue, because it can also remove Searchnu.com infection.

Best Searchnu.com removal way
Do you have an antivirus program? Does your antivirus detect the redirect virus on your pc? To remove the unwanted toolbar and the redirect virus all together, you can equip your computer with an antispyware program like Spyware Cease. According to our test, Spyware Cease can fix Searchnu.com redirection effectively after an online scan.

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