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Sftwred.info – How to Remove Sftwred.info Browser Hijacker

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Sftwred.info is a misleading website containing a fake search engine like Searchcore.net. At first sight, visitors will think it is a legitimate search system. Actually, the domain is associated with Trojans and browser hijacker virus. When your computer is infected by any of the related virus, your search result in any legal search system will be redirected to Sftwred.info. And the site will generate a new search result which has little or nothing to do with your original search inquiries. The infection will cause pop-up, change homepage as well as install malicious toolbar. You will find no way to change the homepage. Every time you restore it, the infection will change it to Sftwred.info again. Even when you do not use the web browser, the Trojan can run the web browser and open malicious web pages. Are you experiencing the redirection? You need to remove the browser hijacker virus to get rid of Sftwred.info.

How to get rid of Sftwred.info instantly
The fast way to remove the browser hijacker virus is using a third party removal program which can detect the infection instantly. Besides, advanced users can adopt manual removal way which requires certain pc skills and knowledge.

Manual way to remove Sftwred.info from pc
First, you need to check whether some malicious add-on is installed on your web browser. You can use Add/Removal programs in control panel to uninstall it
Second, run task manager to stop processes related to the redirect virus
Third, find out files and registry entries associated with Sftwred.info. Remove them completely. When your delete a registry entries you need to run registry editor.
Last, change browser settings such as changing home page and default search engine.

Using a virus removal program to wipe off Sftwred.info
This method is adoptable for all pc users. It does not involve complex manual steps and does not require advanced pc skill. As long as you know how to install a virus removal program, you can have your infected computer fixed automatically. A virus removal program will scan for malicious items created by Sftwred.info. The whole process may take an hour but you can leave the pc for other things. When the scan finishes, virus will be picked up and one-click solution is provided.

As for which virus removal program can remove Sftwred.info effectively, I will suggest users to download Spyware Cease, a reputable antispyware program specialized at fixing redirection.

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