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Shortcut error on computer – Steps to solve broken shortcut error quickly

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Shortcuts, either on your desktop or in the Start menu, help us to easily and quickly access the folders, files or programs we want. However, when click on a shortcut, it sometimes won’t work properly as usual by showing you a “problem with shortcut” error message:

solve broken shortcut error

This can be the most frustrating thing if you are in a need to use the folder, file or program urgently. Anyhow, you should fix the shortcut errors on computer immediately as the broken ones will only take up hard disk space to make the PC work abnormally.

Typically, a shortcut will become broken when the file, folder, or program it points to has been removed or deleted by mistake. If a shortcut does not work properly, and you have never removed the file, folder or program from the PC, it is no doubt that the shortcut might be attacked or mis-removed from the PC. At this time, you can try to re-create a new shortcut to see whether it solves the broken shortcut problem or not:

*Navigate to the directory of the folder, file or program on your computer
*Right-click the item
*And select “Create shortcut” for the item
*Then, a shortcut will be created immediately in this directory
*Drag and drop the shortcut to your desktop or you can rename it as you like
* Then, click the shortcut on your desktop or Start menu again to see whether you are able to use it correctly.

However if the shortcut errors remain for the programs, the quickest and easiest thing you should do is to uninstall and reinstall the programs that has a broken shortcut. It is the fact that, some problems in the program itself can also bring in a shortcut error. Uninstalling and reinstalling the programs can nearly 100% solve a shortcut error on computer.

If you have followed the two above solutions, but still fail to access the files, folders or programs quickly by clicking the shortcut. The computer might be seriously infected. We know that it is quite easy for a computer to get infected while you download a program file, install a program, click on a strange link in the email, or even open an email attachment… When the viruses get onto the computer, they will do whatever they want without your permission. If the shortcut are hijacked or attacked, you will come to the chance to get a broken shortcut error message when trying to access a file, folder or program. It is highly advised that you can download and run a professional antivirus antispyware program to completely scan the whole PC & remove all existing & potential threats. This helps to prevent and fix some annoying computer errors such as spoolsv.exe application error and Windows error recovery at system startup.

However, one of the most common causes for the shortcut error on computer is a corrupt registry database. Registry is a place that stores all settings and information of the software & hardware on the PC to tell it when and how to perform every computer request correctly. Helpful however, it is quite easy to get corrupt or broken as you install or uninstall a program incompletely, or when the PC gets infected… causing the computer to run improperly all the time. When the system cannot locate the required entries to access your files, folders, you should instantly get a broken shortcut error message. To permanently get rid of shortcut error on computer and maintain the smooth running of the computer, you’d better fix registry errors regularly. You can do this by simply downloading a freeware registry cleaner on the market and run it to detect & fix all errors automatically. This way, you will be able to run the computer properly all the time without any errors.

In a word, shortcuts are those items to make our life easier and more pleasant. No matter whenever you encounter a broken shortcut error message, simply follow the above steps and you will soon make all shortcuts work correctly without problems.

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