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Simple and Effective Way to Uninstall Anyplace Control from Your PC

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Anyplace Control is a Windows based remote PC control software displays the desktop of the remote PC, letting you use your own keyboard and mouse to control it remotely. However, there are times when it must be uninstalled. Are you one of the users who have needs to uninstall Anyplace Control from your computer? Have good solution for program removal? If you still can not successfully delete Anyplace Control, please follow the tutorial below.

Method One: Uninstall & remove Anyplace Control manually

1. Exit Anyplace Control. To exit Anyplace Control, right-click the Anyplace Control system tray icon (the orange/brown bug running near your clock) and select “Exit” from the menu.

2. Go to the Windows Control Panel. The Control Panel can be accessed from your Start menu -> Control Panel. On Windows XP and earlier operating systems, open Add or Remove Programs. On Windows Vista, open Programs / Uninstall a program (or Programs and Features if in Classic View mode.)

3. Find Anyplace Control in the list of installed programs and select it. It should appear as Anyplace Control, depending on what edition of the software you have installed.

4. On Windows XP and earlier operating systems, click the “Remove” button. On Windows Vista, click the “Uninstall” button.

5. Follow the instructions, if any, given by the uninstall wizard.

6. Reboot your PC immediately after the uninstalling has completed. Rebooting your PC is essential. If you do not reboot your PC, the uninstalling may be unsuccessful.


To completely remove Anyplace Control, you should further remove its registry entries in the following steps:

1. Click Start on desktop – click run.

2. Type in regedit and press enter to run Register Editor.

3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE and find out Anyplace Control folder

4. Delete the related folder and close Registry Editor.


Method Two: Automatically uninstall Anyplace Control with recommended uninstaller

The best way to get rid of Anyplace Control is to use the method that’s not only up to your level, but is most effective at removing the program. In that regard, Perfect Uninstaller comes at the right point to scan through your computer and get rid of any of the parts of the Anyplace Control that you want to remove.


Anyplace Control removal tips:

1. Download and save Perfect Uninstaller.

2. Operate it and highlight Anyplace Control on the list.

3. Click Uninstall and follow the prompts.

4. Within one minute, you can succeed in removing Anyplace Control files and entries.


This uninstaller is also a recommended method to remove ASUS Update Utility and SysInternals Suite from your PC.

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