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Simple Guide to Uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool from PC

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on February 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Palace Prop Refresh Tool is a tool which will allow you refresh all your server props with ease, it will make you a Cyborg.ipt (borg) file that you can load into your client and type ‘refresh’ to refresh every prop in your palace server. Do you want to uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool on the most easiest, safest and fastest way? Follow tutorial below, and you are able to easily uninstall Windows programs without having a hard time.

First solution: Uninstall it from the Start menu

1) Close all the process related to Palace Prop Refresh Tool from Windows Tasky Manager.

2) Click Start>Programs or All programs> Palace Prop Refresh Tool>Uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool.

3) Reboot the computer.


Second solution: Uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool through the Control Panel

1) Go to Start and then open up Control Panel.

2) Click on Uninstall a Program under Programs.

3) Scroll down menu under Programs and Features.

4) Depending on the installed application choose Palace Prop Refresh Tool in the menu select Modify, Repair or Remove.

5) Click the Remove icon in the open dialog window of the Setup Window.

6) Select one remove variant.

7) Complete uninstall – choose this variant if you want to fully remove the application and you are not going to use it in future.

8) Wait till program files and registry keys are removed.

9) Click OK.


Uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool from computer once and for all

The easier and faster way to remove all your unneeded programs in full is using an automatic removal tool. It is much more reliable to use an uninstaller program called “Perfect Uninstaller” to entirely uninstall Palace Prop Refresh Tool from your system. Even the most stubborn programs can be uninstalled in minutes.


After execution you will be given with three uninstall options like Uninstall, Force Uninstall or Special Uninstall from which you can choose. Please close all the process related to the program to uninstall before you run Perfect Uninstaller.


Next time, if you think it is too hard for you to uninstall Adobe Photoshop or TweakerNow PowerPack, you can keep this instruction for future reference.

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