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Simple solutions to fix Windows error 12150

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on March 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment

A Windows error code 12150 might suddenly appear on your PC screen because of a damaged or misplaced system file, stopping you from using the computer or some certain installed programs properly. To avoid additional problems to the PC, the hardware devices or some software, you need to fix the Windows error 12150 timely, If fail, it may result in further system failure, blue screen, computer freezes or even complete crash.

Windows error message

First of all, you need to know that whenever you connect online to read emails; chat with friends on online social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; buy & pay bills, or download data; you will get exposed to prospective unknown threats such as Trojan horses, key-loggers, and a lot of some other unknown threats. All of these will be able to remove any system file to bring in the Windows error 12150 messages. So, it is highly advised that you can have an antivirus antispyware program installed on the PC and use it to realtime block & remove PC threats from the computer. This is what you should not miss when trying to prevent this or some other computer errors just like unexpected Windows Installer error.

After removing the computer viruses, it is also recommended that you can regularly check and fix the corrupted system files. If the Windows cannot recall the correct file to boot up the computer, you will sooner or later get code 12150 Windows error message. If so, you should repair the system with System File Checker (SFC) – a useful command-line system tools that come on all current versions of Windows to scan system files and replace incorrect or damaged files. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to tell you how to use the System File Checker:

*Go to Start, and then Run.
*Type and enter “sfc /scannow” (without quotes but with the space) and follow the instructions to go.
* Then you files will be scanned and repaired quickly is necessary. Depending on your own system, it may take 10-15 minutes to do this job.

If you fail to deal with the error with the Windows System File Checker utility, you can try to use the Windows built-in Last Known Good Configuration feature to do the job for you. To do this, start your computer and hold your “F8 Key”constantly which should bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”, then use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER to continue. This will boot your computer correctly to a previous state that the computer works properly without the Windows error 12150 message.

By the way, to prevent an unwanted Windows error 12150, you still need to install all updates. This includes install all software/hardware updates and all Windows service packs. It’s a good habit to check updates for your computer as this helps to ensure smooth proper computer life and the communication between the system & software/hardware on the PC. When the system cannot correctly establish suck kind of communication, it won’t load the computer correctly, causing various error code messages to appear. Do remember to regularly check and install all available updates for your PC!

Lastly, it comes to the most important component of the Windows-based operating system – Windows registry database. Window registry is simply a Win db that used to store various data of the whole computer, including configurations about your software and hardware, your user’s account & information, etc. No matter whatever you have done on the computer, it will add some corresponding entries to this database. With the passage of time, most incomplete software installation/uninstallation, and some other files on within this database will cause your Windows registry goes missing, corrupted or damaged. If the system cannot locate the correct entries to load the PC or the program, a Windows error 12150 will appear. At this time, it is quite needed for you to run a registry clean tool to completely scan the whole PC and repair all the inside Windows registry errors.

I think, even if you are a computer newbie, you can easily fix Windows error 12150 with the easy tutorials above. So, do not hesitate and you should deal with this Windows error as quickly as you can so as to enjoy a pleasant PC life.

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