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Simple solutions to tune up your PC

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Has your computer been running slowly for quite some time and you are considering buying a new one? Well, it is inevitable for a PC to run slowly as time goes or exactly as you install/uninstall some programs. But there is no need to buy a new one when finding the computer run slowly. There are a lot possible solutions that you can try to tune up your PC and then make it run faster again.

optimize PC performance

To tune up your PC, you should regularly run anti-virus program. If a computer is infected by a virus, lots of resources will be taken up to greatly slow down computer performance. What is more, the virus are able to change PC settings, and even give outside parties control over the computer, which will eventually result in different kinds of computer errors. So to optimize computer performance, it is highly recommended that you can install an anti-virus program and firewall to protect your computer from attacking from time and time again. But to always ensure the up-to-date virus database, it is needed for you to update it duly.

Secondly, delete unnecessary startup programs. The more programs you require them to run at system startup, the more time the system needs to boot up. To tune up your computer speed instantly, you may consider limit some unwanted programs at PC startup.

By the way, the main cause for why a PC runs slowly is going to be through the “software” of your PC. This is basically all the programs that your system will be using to run, and will likely be the fact that a specific application will be causing all the issues your PC may have. The good news is that re-installing any corrupted / damaged software on your computer will allow Windows to run much smoother – which can be done by following these steps:
* Click “Start”
* Locate “Control Panel”
* Click on “Add / Remove Programs”
* Locate the program causing problems
* Click “Remove”
* Restart your PC

After uninstalling the program, defragment the hard disk immediately. We know that to ensure the proper running of the computer, some files are needed. Mostly, these files are located in the computer hard disk. However, as time passes, the hard drive is very easy to get fragmented with hundreds of disorder files broken up in many locations across the drive, which eventually slows data access speed and make the computer run slowly. At this time, the for PC tune-up tip is to go to Start–All Programs–Accessories–System Tools, and then immediately click Disk Defragment to defragment your hard disk. By replacing all files in order and easy to be accessed, you can easily make your computer faster at least 30% than even before.

Finaly, you should run a system repair tool to scan and check your PC’ health. Such tools will quickly check the registry and the rest of the computer for errors. When uninstalling a program from your computer, some registry entries will not eliminated completely. That is why registry errors are also a main thing you need to do when trying to tune up your PC. So, do remember to check all the registry entries and remove all computer registry errors.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for why a computer run slowly as time goes, but replacing it with a new one is not the only and best way. When noticing the computer does not perform quickly as before, try the above steps to tune up your PC and you will soon get a faster PC again without wasting your money.

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