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Simple Way to Conduct AVS Video Converter Removal

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on November 14th, 2012 | Leave a comment

AVS Video Converter is a package of tools which allows you to extensively work with your videos and to perform multiple tasks. However, if the application leads to low CPU resource and slows down the performance of your Internet browser, or you get a message saying “Access is denied” when you try to use it, you may need to uninstall the program and reinstall it. Do you need help of removing video software? To uninstall AVS Video Converter, you can try two different methods.

The first method to uninstall the software is to remove it manually and this method contains two processes.


Using Add/Remove Programs:

1. Restart your computer first.

2. While you are in the process of starting, press on the F8 button on your keyboard.

3. Select Safe Mode and then click Enter to enter Safe Mode.

4. Click your Start menu and then open Run.

5. Enter appwiz.cpl and press OK.

6. On the list, highlight AVS Video Converter and then click Remove.

7. Keep on with the prompts till it requires you restart your computer.


Using Windows registry editor:

1. Go to Start Menu and then click on Run.

2. Enter regedit to activate the Registry Editor, and scroll down all folders to find and delete every related keys such as

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ AVS Video Converter

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ AVS Video Converter

3. Open system disc C: in the My Computer, and go to Programs Files folder.

4. Locate a folder named AVS Video Converter and delete all the files in it.

5. Reboot your computer.


If you are a computer beginner, it is never easy to make the AVS Video Converter leave the way it comes. If you have tried the manual removal method but you couldn’t force uninstall the software, a precise software uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller would be helpful for this issue. The specifically designed Perfect Uninstaller works its ways to expose the all installed entries of AVS Video Converter and have them removed in only a few minutes together with a few clicks!


Tips for force uninstalling AVS Video Converter:

1. Quit and exit any running programs.

2. Run Perfect Uninstaller

3. Select Force Uninstall Icon and click on “Yes” in the popped up box.

4. Navigate to directory of AVS Video Converter in the hard drive, such as C:\Program Files\AVS Video Converter, and then click on next to start the Force Uninstall

5. Reboot computer and repeat the Force Uninstall process until all the directories of AVS Video Converter are gone.


This way you can also successfully get rid of video software like Flash Decompiler Trillix and Media Player Classic right away!

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