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Slow computer speed – How to speed up a computer quickly?

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on October 24th, 2012 | Leave a comment

A slow computer speed can be one of the most frustrating things that PC users might deal with. I can magic how terrible it is if the computer runs like a snail when you are in the middle of a very important project or just visiting your desired pages. Well, slow computer performance is the common problem for all users all around the world; however, there are still some easy tips you can take in your daily life to speed up a computer quickly.

fix a slow computer

To fix a slow computer, first it is necessary for you to run an anti-virus program to ensure that your computer is always well protected against any virus, malware, spyware and other kinds of malicious software. These infections will take up large amount of Windows resources, greatly slowing down the computer or generating kinds of computer errors including services.exe using 100 cpu error. To always ensure a smooth computer running, it is quite important that you can let the antivirus program running in the background to real time block and remove any potential errors.

Also, you still need to remove undesirable files on C:\. The unneeded files on C:\ are the main reason for the dramatic slow computer speed and the serious decrease of system performance. If you wish to remove the files from your computer safely and completely, you may need to enable the Disk Cleanup utility to perform the task for you. You can follow the steps to wipe out the unwanted files on C:\ or other disk: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup > select the disk you wish to clean > Files to delete > clean files and click OK > Yes. This helps to greatly speed up a slow computer.

Thirdly, you’d better add more RAM to the PC. First of all, you should know that shortage of RAM is one main causes of computer freeze problem. Now lots of software or programs are developed to be much more functionality-rich and eat more RAM than ever before. Running too many resource-hungry programs at the same time will be a great burden to RAM and when there is not enough RAM to load all these programs, your computer will slow down unexpectedly. In many case, adding a RAM is the most direct way to speed up a computer effectively.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, shut off some gorgeous visual effects. Though the visual effects of Windows 7 or Vista are really amazing and enjoyable, it will easily cause slow Windows 7 or Vista by taking up system resource. So in my opinion, if you prefer to run a fast computer, just turn off some of visual effects right now.

Finally, sometimes a slow computer speed can also be caused by system problems, especially registry errors! Registry is the database of the Windows-based operating system to store all system data and settings. All of these data and settings are automatically saved as registry keys and entries as you install programs/add files to the computer to ensure their proper running. However, overtime, the Windows registry will be full of corrupted & invalid keys and entries to results in various problems like system slowdown, computer freezes, computer blue screen and even system crash. So to make the computer always run pleasantly without problems, it is better that you can fix the registry at least twice a week either manually or automatically with a registry cleaning product.

To sum, there are still some other ways to speed up a slow computer due to the fact that many aspects can bring in a slow computer speed. It is quite difficult to list them all here. But in my opinion, if you can run some computer optimization tools such as a registry cleaner tool regularly while using the PC, you will be able to enjoy a faster computer running speed easily.

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