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Slow running Windows XP – Restore a slow Windows XP computer at ease

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on April 11th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When your Windows XP computer is running slow, you will come to the chance the get various unknown errors such as a 0X00000016 BSOD or 554 Transaction failed error in sending/receiving emails. Actually, anything could be causing a slow running Windows XP, for example, you could have too much information stored in your computer’s memory; you could have corrupt files or too many unneeded files saved on the hard disk. Well, nothing can be more frustrating to crawl on browsing a page, launching a program or booting up the PC. Luckily, with the following steps you are able to restore a slow Windows XP computer at ease.

slow running Windows XP

Virus infection is the first common reason for a slow running Windows XP computer. We know that viruses or spyware programs are able to install on the computer without your knowledge and eat up necessary system resources to gradually slow down the PC. By the way, this is also the main cause for other computer problem or system crashes issues. Hence, it is a must to install and run a trusted antivirus software program on your computer. And it is recommended that you should make the antivirus antispyware program running at the background to detect and remove PC threats at any time.

Secondly, reasonably cut off some unneeded startup items. When Windows starts up it automatically loads a number of programs, many of which you may not need all the time and can be started when needed. One thing that helps to restore a slow Windows XP is to cut down on the number of programs that startup automatically.

After disabling the unnecessary startup items, take several minutes to uninstall the useless programs. The average user has installed many programs that do nothing more than taking up valuable memory. So if you have programs that you don’t use anymore, it is a better idea to locate the program and delete it. This will increase your Windows XP computer speed significantly.

Then, run a disk defragmenter immediately. A fragmented file is often the result of your computer trying to save time and saving your files to different parts of the hard disk (usually the first largest spaces it finds). Now you know: the PC isn’t so smart all the time. Anyhow, what happens is that these fragmented files will again slow down your computer because it now has to look for all the parts of the broken up file. A Disk Defragmenter program can put all the pieces back together again, thereby restore a slow Windows XP computer significantly.

After all the above solutions, detect and repair Windows registry errors. We know that the windows registry acts as the brain part of the PC and is a crucial component to control the proper running of the Windows operating systems. If something corrupted in your windows registry, your Windows XP computer will be slowing down dramatically. Unless you are a computer expert to fix the complex windows registry by yourself, it is not recommended to fix your windows registry manually to prevent some unwanted errors and a registry cleaner program will help you do the job perfectly. The major goal of a registry cleaner is to easily scan and fix all the errors that have accumulated throughout the years of computer usage and get your computer back to its original “out of box” state, running faster all the time.

To sum, any computer (no matter which operating system is installed on) will become slow as time goes if it is not properly maintained. Keep on taking the above steps in your daily life from now on, you will be able to easily restore a slow Windows XP computer, and prevent it from running slowly again in the future.

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