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Some simple solutions in manually fixing exe errors

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on March 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Does your computer encounter various exe errors such as Ctfmon.exe and BtStackServer.exe but you have not yet found a solution? Are you deeply annoyed with some PC errors like blue screen because of a missing exe file? Well, as a kind of files that widely used to execute some certain programs, a missing system required exe file can bring in some unexpected damages to the computer. But are there any solutions in manually fixing exe errors?

exe error message

You may receive this type of exe error message when your system is infected by malware. Malicious threats are able to attack and remove all files from the computer. When the system fail to read this file, it will be possible for you to get the error message. By the way, some other issues such as a mis-removal of a required file, a corrupt registry entry can also bring in the appearance of such an exe error message.

To manually fix exe error, you need to check whether the signature database of your antivirus program is the latest and then scan your system thoroughly. Make sure your computer is free of virus, so that the other tips can make sense. If the security program detects a virus, the exe error may be caused due to a virus infection. At this time, immediately remove the threats without hesitation.

After making sure the computer is virus free, use system searching function to find out exe file on your computer. If not, it must be removed to another location by mistake. After that, copy the file back to the correct folder C:\WINDOWS\system32.

By the way, if you fail to locate a copy of the exe file on your computer, you can copy the file from another computer with the same version of Windows operating system to your problem computer. Of course, you can try to re-install the operating system and exe error would be resolved immediately. However, this method would waste your precious time and maybe delete all of the data if you never backup your files.

Thirdly, check what you have just installed on the computer. Some newly installed program will sometimes conflict with those installed on the computer. If you start to get the error message immediately after installing a new program, just uninstall it to see what happens. If the error disappears, it is easy to tell that the error was caused by program incompatibility. So a simple program uninstallation process will solve the exe error instantly. If you to fail to manually fix exe errors in this way, turn to next solution.

Finally, it is highly suggested that you can run a registry cleaning tool to fix all errors insides Windows registry. We all know that registry is used to contain all vital settings and options of the operating system to tell the system how & when to perform the computer properly. However, as you install/uninstall programs, add/remove files, this database will get corrupted because of thousands of invalid/useless/broken entries, stopping the system from successfully accessing/recalling its needed files correctly. At this time, you will not be able to run the computer and some certain programs as expected. Besides, some viruses/spyware programs are able to attack and remove any entries from this database. So, after detecting and removing PC threats, do remember to clean up all registry errors. This will return you a complete clean system without various exe error messages. Remember that, this is one solution you should not miss in manually fixing exe errors on your computer.

According to my own experience, manually fixing exe errors is quite easy with a reliable & powerful exe error fixer tool. Such a tool completely scans the whole PC and repairs all issues causing the exe error messages within minutes. To maintain stable PC running, why don’t you give it a try???

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