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Sound not working on Windows XP – Get back PC sound instantly

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on November 22nd, 2012 | Leave a comment

No sound coming from your speaker or headphone on a Windows XP computer? It will drive you mad when you are trying to listening to your favorite songs or watching your movies but only to find that the computer has no sound! If you are unable to play blockbusters or getting at all no sound from your computer, then you might come to the right place here. I am going to show you some simple tips to get back PC sound instantly!

sound not working

If sound not working on your Windows XP computer, make sure your speakers are connected correctly to the computer. On your speakers, simply find the cable that plugs into your computer. Check and make sure that that the speaker cable is plugged into the speakers and the correct jack on your PC.

Also, it is best that you can make sure that there is no another program trying to use the sound device. This also prevents the Player from accessing the sound device smoothly. At this time, you should close all other programs to let the Player running only, and then try to play the file again to see whether there is sound.

The next step you should do is to install all drivers required to run the audio-based hardware. We know that drivers on the computer are small software applications to establish the communication between the system and the various hardware components inside your computer. If the Windows cannot correctly read the files  that it requires to run, you will fail to hear a sound or soon suffer from a Windows hardware device error like error code 19. So, you should perform these steps to resolve any driver errors / inconsistencies so as to get back your PC sound:

*Double click “My Computer”, right-click it to select “Properties”
*When the windows appears, click on “Device Manager”
*Then, a list of the installed hardware on your PC will show
*Select the one with a yellow question mark by its name
* Right-click the listing, and select “Properties”
*Select “Update Driver”
*Restart Your PC

However, some computer sound problems will not be solved by the above solutions if the problems were caused by the Windows registry. We know that Windows registry database is the brain center of the computer – which used to store all computer settings, including software and hardware settings. When the registry becomes corrupted or gets invalid entries as you install or uninstall programs, your PC will become desperately slow or behave abnormally with kinds of errors appear. So before taking your no sound Windows XP computer to a repair store, it is highly suggested that you can give a registry cleanup tool a try as it will sometimes get back XP sound within clicks.

When the sound not working on Windows XP computer, first check and make sure that the cables are plugged tightly without a loose. Then, make sure that both the sound card driver and the Windows registry database are working well properly without problems. After these checking, I believe you can get back PC sound instantly without seeking help from others.

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