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Speed up boot time – Methods to make PC boot faster

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It’s a widely known fact that a new computer or freshly installed Windows operating system runs or boots faster than a system which has been used for a while. This is because the system has been not properly optimized, or it has to load kinds of processes & programs which have been installed on the PC and set to boot at PC startup. In my opinion, a new installed system can also soon boot up slowly if lacks of proper maintenance. But how can you speed up boot time and make PC boot faster?

make PC boot faster

To make PC boot faster, completely remove any sign of spyware from your computer. Spyware is thought to be a dangerous threat for your private or commercial information due to the fact it has the ability to exploit its built- in malicious technology to sneak into your system and transfer the information they need to an insecure remote server for illegal profits, without your explicit permission or knowledge. Furthermore, the dangerous spyware is capable of making undesirable modification on the system setting, software setting and spyware removal tool’s registry values. When the system fails to locate the required files to boot up the computer correctly, it will takes a very longer time to response in booting up the PC or severely cause a computer startup error.

Secondly, you should know that the more programs you install, the more stuff you have running at system starts, the slower the computer will be as it have to first load the programs before booting your computer. At this time, you should remove programs that you no longer need or no longer use. Besides, you should go to your Startup tab and disable some unneeded startup items. Having done this, you can quickly improve computer performance and make it boot faster quickly.

Thirdly, to speed up boot time and make computer run properly, you should clean the desktop and put all files in the “My Documents” folder. For the more frequently used files, you can create shortcuts on the desktop for easy access; however, for those that are not used frequently, you can directly delete them from the computer as you can launch them easily from the Start -> All Programs. By doing so, you can free up more available operating memory to improve computer speed.

Besides, a clear of the Internet cache can also make PC boot faster. Internet cache must be cleared and cookies and temp directory must be deleted regularly to speed up browsing or make PC boot faster. Temp directory stores hundreds of files with time and slow down system immensely. Users of Windows 2000/ XP must make hidden folders visible first and then go to C: ->Documents and Settings ->USER->Local Settings->Temp folder; select all and press delete

After all the above steps, you should clean up registry errors regularly. Registry is very easy to get corrupted as you install or uninstall program. When you install programs on the computer, it will add some entries to the registry database to make sure that it can always run properly. But when uninstalling programs, some entries will be left down, which leads to a completely messed registry. A regular registry cleanup will detect and fix all registry errors within clicks. If the system has no problem in locating and launching the required entries in boot up the PC, it may not take you a much longer time to boot up the computer.

To sum, to use the computer properly and stably without having to wait for a very longer time in startup, you’d better well maintain the computer with some proper solutions. And one you should not miss is to run a registry cleaning tool – it helps to deal with all errors inside the PC and speeds up boot time instantly for you.

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