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Spoolsv.exe application error – Solve spoolsv.exe error the simplest way

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Spoolsv.exe is an executable file that is quite important for the operation of the printing process on a Windows system. This way, you will be able to run your printer correctly all the time. Although it is not responsible for the proper running of the system, you should not disable or remove it unless it is determined to be the cause of some computer errors. Otherwise, you will soon suffer from such error message when starting up the PC or using the computer:

*Spoolsv.exe – Application Error
The memory could not be written
The instruction at “”0x77fcc2co” referenced memory at ‘0X00000000’.”

fix spoolsv.exe error

First of all, let’s learn together what causes the spoolsv.exe application errors. Actually, there are many reasons for the exe application errors on your computer and the most common one are those:

* Old or incompatible hardware
* Older versions of software or incompatible software
* Virus or any other malfunctioned program attacks
* A bad program installation or uninstallation
* A broken or corrupt spoolsv.exe file

How to solve spoolsv.exe application error easily?
First of all, you have to make sure that the default location of the spoolsv.exe is: C:\Windows\System32. If you find it under other location, it is likely that it might be a virus or a malicious process. Viruses or some spyware programs are capable of attacking/removing any legitimate files from the computer and disguising themselves as any file on the computer. When the spoolsv.exe file has been infected by some threats, there is no doubt you will get the exe missing error messages. So, the first thing you need to do right now is to directly run your computer protection program to detect and remove all threats from the computer. If there is no such program installed on your PC, download one free from a safe website right now.

If you cannot find the exe file on your computer, it might be mis-removed. At this time, you should copy and paste spoolsv.exe to the correct directory on Your System. Firstly, if you cannot find a copy of spoolsv.exe in this folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 then please use system searching function to find out spoolsv.exe file on your computer. It must be removed to another location by mistake. After that, copy spoolsv.exe back to the correct folder C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Thirdly, an outdated driver file can also cause the spoolsv.exe application errors. We know that drivers are those small programs establish the relationship between the hardware/software and the computer. When an driver was outdated, the computer will not be able to accomplish this request by showing an exe error message. To prevent spoolsv.exe errors due to driver issues, remember to update your drivers regularly. You can do this manually or automatically by using a driver update tool. In addition to the drivers, it is best that you can make sure that the operating system and software are updated with the latest security updates and patches on a regular basis.

Fourthly, you should check and fix registry errors on your computer. Windows registry, acting as the main component of the computer, is used to store all settings and options of the hardware and software. Once it is full with invalid or broken entries, it will be impossible for the system to access & read the needed files properly, causing the spoolsv.exe application error message again and again. Hence, simply fix Windows registry with a trusted registry repair tool to make your computer always work at stable performance all the time.

If none of the above steps works, you can restore spoolsv.exe for Windows XP by reinstalling the Windows. However, reinstalling Windows and your hardware are really time-consuming. Seriously, spoolsv.exe error will come back later on to haunt you if you are not able to fix it essentially. You will end up having to reinstall windows again and again…

To sum, a spoolsv.exe application error message while using the computer is quite common. But if it keeps on appearing again and again, you should take instant actions to troubleshoot and fix it ASS before it brings some unexpected damages to the PC. With the above steps, you will be able to do this job easily.

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