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Steps to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Error Effectively

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on April 11th, 2013 | Leave a comment

We know that a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is an error-detecting code that frequently used in digital networks and storage devices especially the hard drives or optical disks to detect accidental changes to raw data or some other file errors like Windows 7 file errors. However, a Cyclic Redundancy Check error usually appears while they are using the computer due to a corrupt data on the hard-drive or DVD. Anyhow, here you may get some steps to fix Cyclic Redundancy Check error on your own.

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No matter whenever you get the Cyclic Redundancy Check error message, run the SFC (System File Checker) to completely scan and fix all corrupted system files. When the system cannot find the required file to complete your file checking process via Cyclic Redundancy Check, it will also show an error message. To run the SFC utility, you can simply follow the solutions here:

*Go to Start, run and type “SFC.EXE /SCANNOW” without the quotes into the box.
* Press Enter to go and now the System File Checker will verify the integrity of every protected operating system file on your computer.
*Restart your computer when the sfc /scannow did actually repair any files. Sometimes, it may not prompt you to restart, but you’d better restart it so as to make all changes take effect.
*If possible, you can repeat the above steps to see if sfc /scannow corrected the issue.

Besides checking & replacing some system files, you’d better well maintain your hard disk as sometimes some simple errors within the hard disk can also bring in the appearance of Cyclic Redundancy Check error messages. To do this, you can work from these aspects:
* uninstall all of your unwanted programs
* remove all of your unnecessary files, folders
* regularly check and remove hard disk errors
* Timely defragment your hard disk, especially after a program uninstall job

Thirdly, you should know that malicious software likes to attack the system files because of the access it grants them to different areas of Windows, so sometimes the virus infection will bring in the annoying Cyclic Redundancy Check error messages. What you need to do right now is to run your antivirus antispyware program to get rid of PC infections. And it is best that you can let your antivirus antispyware program always running in the background to block and remove threats at any time.

Finally, you have to repair computer registry errors. The Windows registry is a very important aspect of your Windows-based computer. This is quite literally a list of programming pieces that tell your computer what or when to do when the system send out a request. Then, no matter whatever change you made to the system, it will automatically add corresponding entries to this database. If something goes wrong within this database, it could be incredibly detrimental to the livelihood of your PC and bring in kinds of unexpected errors including the Cyclic Redundancy Check error messages. It is highly advised that you can download and run a professional registry cleaner to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors inside the registry database. This way, you can run the computer correctly all the time without issue.

In my opinion, even if you are a computer newbie, you can also easily fix Cyclic Redundancy Check error with the above steps. If do not want to spend too much time in checking & repairing this error manually, get the Registry Easy cleaner tool here. It completely scans the whole PC and repair all existing errors automatically for you!

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