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STOP error 0X00000074 – Fix STOP error 0X00000074 in minutes

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on December 8th, 2012 | Leave a comment

When starting up a Windows-based computer, you may receive a STOP error message on a blue screen saying something like this:
“STOP 0X00000074 (0X00000003, 0X00000002, 0X80087000) BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO”

STOP blue screen error

In my cases, this STOP error message will happen when one or more of the random access memory (RAM) modules that installed on the computer have been damaged and did not work properly. Seriously, a STOP error 0X00000074 will make your computer work abnormally if happens too frequently or eventually end up losing your whole PC.

Sometimes, the STOP error 0X00000074 blue screen will only be a temporary issue. So, if this is the first time you get the BSOD problem error message, it is recommended that you can quit the program and re-launch it again to see whether it solves. Alternatively, you can select to reboot your computer when getting the blue screen problem.

Secondly, the STOP error 0X00000074 might be caused by spyware and viruses infection because they are able to attack and remove any system core files from the computer. Once any file that related to the Windows installer has been removed from the computer, you will come to the chance to get a blue screen with STOP error 0X00000074 message or a Windows 7 BootMgr is missing error message. Download & run a powerful antivirus/antispyware product to remove such threats now.

Also, you have to make sure that you have installed all available Windows update services and hardware device drivers. A fix with the update usually contains a fix to solve STOP error 0X00000074 error easily:
* Look for the start key, click on start, control panel, classic view.
* Double click on windows update. Let the windows search for new updates and download system update if possible. Let new devices and drivers update so that you can restart your computer once the drivers prompted after searching.
*You can also check for manuals or devices from the website. If there are any options, what you can do is to download and install the updated drivers; this manner may solve STOP error 0X00000074.
* Now restart the computer again when prompted.
* Go back to control panel and double click the system icon.
*Click on device manager when you see windows, vista, or windows 7. Click the hardware tab and device manager afterwards, but this is only for windows XP.
*Open your registry cleaner and scan through your computer to solve the problem.

Finally, check and repair Windows registry errors. We all know that tһе Windows Registry іѕ tһе engine οf tһе Windows operating system to help the computer and all programs installed run properly without problems. No matter whenever you start up the computer or launch a program, tһе registry tells the operating system һοw tο perform it as expected and holds all necessary data. In this way, all the software program and hardware on your computer has the ability to add/delete or overwrite their own registry data on your computer. However, the problem is that as you uninstall programs or remove files, some registry entries will not be removed completely, leading to the STOP error 0X00000074 blue screen. So, the last recommendation for you here is to fix Windows registry error either manually or automatically with a registry repair tool.

Simply speaking, do not ignore the STOP error 0X00000074 if it appears randomly during the usage of the computer and some certain programs. Just keep on doing the above steps in your daily life, you can easily optimize PC performance and stop such annoying blue screen errors effectively.

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