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STOP error code 0X000000F4 – Stop blue screen errors from happening frequently

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Working on the computer and then suddenly get a STOP error code 0X000000F4 as well as a blue screen can drive many PC users go mad. As this usually needs a computer restart so as to get the computer to work again, and make the on-working and unsaved projects go like a smoke. Even though a blue screen is claimed to stop the computer from suffering from some further damages when the system encounters some errors that it cannot go through, the frequent appearances of blue screen errors can greatly slow down your working efficiency, and at the other side indicate some unknown errors within the PC. For the safety of your computer, you’d better learn how to stop blue screen errors from happening frequently.

blue screen error

To stop blue screen errors from happening, you have to first make sure that the computer is totally virus clean. Viruses or malware are able to attach and destroy some needed files on the computer. Besides, they are able to add themselves automatically at system starts to waste up a large amount of system resources. When the system cannot run its required files, or when it fails to load the system/programs due to insufficient memory, the STOP error code 0X000000F4 or other kinds of blue screen error just like computer error 0X00000024 will happen. In this way, update your antivirus program and scan/remove all existing computer threats right now.

Secondly, you have to ensure enough available disk space on your Windows partition. Blue screen error messages and other serious issues, like data corruption, can be occurred if there’s not enough free space on computer which is used for the Windows operating system.

Thirdly, update all available updates. The outdate device drivers on your computer may also cause the blue screen error with STOP error code 0X000000F4 to happen when the system cannot load its required processes and files. Besides, it is highly suggested that you can timely download and install all available Windows update service packs as this helps to improve overall computer stability and ability to against threats.

Fourthly, check and repair software problem. Software issue is a very common cause for the computer blue screen error when program confliction exists. If you have recently installed new software, games or drivers before the blue screen errors, you should uninstall them and see if that fixes the problem.

Also, if the RAM of your computer is faulty, your computer will not perform correctly when the Random Access Memory is accessed by CPU, leading your CPU to stop working and the appearance of the STOP error code 0X000000F4 blue screen of death. The easy way you can do at this time is just to remove 1 stick of RAM and check whether the problem is solved or not. If it does, your computer will be repaired; if not, continue the below steps.

However, if there is nothing with the programs itself on your computer, the must be something with the Windows registry which might need repairing. Firstly, you should know that the computer registry is an important and essential repository filled with all the configuration settings that required to make all of the hardware and software components communicate properly. In this way, it is needed to get rid of these kind of corruptions should they exist, to avoid serious information loss from taking place, just like STOP error code 0X000000F4 blue screen problem. Secondly, to manually find and repair the glitches inside the computer registry is extremely inadvisable and impossible as there are 1000s of individual configurations. Seriously, a simple mistake in Windows registry will make the computer messed up and cause more serious problems. So, to ensure the proper running of the computer, it is best that you can rely on a registry cleaning utility to scan and fix all the corruptions in your Windows registry.

Same as other computer blue screen errors, a STOP error code 0X000000F4 can be easily troubleshootted and repaired with some simple solutions. Take the above steps carefully in your daily life, and you will be able to run the computer properly all the time without errors.

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