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System Error 5 Access Denied – How to Fix It?

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When trying to copy/move/synchronize files or open the “NetView” or “Net Time” commands, you will annoyingly get this error message:
“System Error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied”

solve computer error

solve computer error

Typically, the error indicates that your system is being blocked from accessing the various files / settings / information that it needs from a network computer due to some unknown reasons. To solve the error and access your desired files properly, you have to first resolve any potential Windows errors that lead it to show as well as cure any software glitches.

The first reason for the unexpected System Error 5 should be a virus infection. We all know that viruses are a big problem for Windows-based computer because they are capable of causing a variety of problems including Error Loading operating system and JavaScript void 0 error. If the viruses have infected the core program files that Windows requires to run and make it become unreadable, you will soon get the System Error 5 to show when the Windows cannot process the commands you need. To ensure this is not a problem and always well maintain the computer performance, you need to clean out all the virus infections that your system might have by using a professional virus scanner. Also, to realtime protect the computer you’d better let the antivirus antispyware program running in the background all the time.

Then, the second reason for the System Error 5 has something to do with the incorrect time & date settings. It is common that many people in different locations usually set different regional settings on their PC, which will confuse the computer when you are trying to connect with another system. At this time, you should click onto Start > Control Panel > Time & Date Settings to check & make sure that you are set to the correct region right now.

Thirdly, you’d better change the “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” registry key for your machine. This helps to make sure that full credentials are passed between both Windows Vista and XP, stopping the appearance of System Error 5. To do this, you can simply follow these steps:

*Go to Start, Run, type “regedit” into the box and press “Enter” to go.
*When you are in the Registry Editor, navigate to this entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
*Right-click on the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy key and select Modify.
*Type the number 1 in the Value Data box, click OK.
*Exit the Registry Editor window and restart your computer.

Besides changing the value of “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” registry key, you’d better check and fix some other errors within the registry database. System registry plays a vital role to maintain the proper running of the computer and almost all computer activities rely in it. And all information ranging from the hardware & software and among other applications is distributed in the registry so as to be accessed correctly. When some go missing and stop you from opening the “NetView” or “Net Time” command, you will soon get a System Error 5 message. You’d better download and run a professional registry cleaning tool to completely scan and repair all errors correctly as a manual removal will most of the time cause other serious PC errors.

Above all, the next time you suffer the System Error 5; there is no need to worry too much about it. You can directly get rid of it with these simple solutions on your own. Thanks for reading and wish you enjoy it!

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