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System error 5 access denied – Troubleshoot & fix system error 5 now

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on January 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

When copying/ moving/ synchronizing files or using the computer to open the “NetView” or “Net Time” commands, a system error 5 message saying “System Error 5. Access Denied” will display. Most of the time, it was caused due to a corrupt account information or some conflicts existing on the PC. But just take it easy from now on, here I will show you simple instructions to troubleshoot & fix system error 5 easily.

fix system error 5

To fix system error 5 access denied, first you have to make sure that you are running the computer with enough privilege. First of all, you need to go into user accounts from the Control Panel, select your account and set it as Administrator. Sometimes, even if your account has administrative rights, some programs can also be launched with fewer permissions. If this is the case, you can right click the icon of the program or file that you want to open, select “run as” and then “run as administrator”.

If you have ever checked the permission of the file or program but still get the system error 5 message, take several minutes to check and make sure that your firewall, antivirus program is not stopping you from performing such a job. It is quite common that an incorrect setting within your PC protection program can cause the “Access is denied” error message to happen. You can temporary disable your antivirus antispyware program and try copying/ moving/ synchronizing files or using the computer to open the “NetView” or “Net Time” commands again to see whether the error 5 message has been solved or not. By the way, do not always disable your antivirus program; or you will be soon suffered from more serious PC errors such as error 800a03e8 due to the fact that some malicious viruses can get onto the computer & damage the PC secretly without your knowledge.

Also, you have to make sure that the time setting on your computer is correct at the same time. This is also one another cause for the system error 5 access denied because it means that if you’re trying to use your PC with a incorrect time setting, then the computer will most of the time abnormally together with various errors. To make sure this is not a problem for the system error 5, you should correct the time of your system.

Fourthly, a corrupt registry entry within the Windows registry, especially with the key “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” can also cause the system error 5 message to happen. If you have some knowledge on the computer, you should know registry contains all vital settings & information of all the hardware & software installed on the PC. When something goes wrong, a problem will happen. To deal with this system error, you can directly change the value of the key “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” with the following instructions:

*Go to Startm run, type “regedit” and press Enter to go. This will bring in the Windows Registry Editor.
* Then, locate for this entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\
* Verify if the ‘LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy’ entry is in this registry key or not. If not, you should follow the below steps to go.
* Open the Edit menu and point to New and select the DWORD VALUE command.
*Type ‘LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy’ and click OK.
*Right-click on the key that you have just added and select Modify.
*Type the number 1 in the Value Data box, click OK.
*Exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.
* Try copying/ moving/ synchronizing files or using the computer to open the “NetView” or “Net Time” commands again to see whether the system error 5 has been solved or not.

Be careful enough when you are modifying the Windows registry errors; otherwise, a simple or incorrect removal of a required registry key will bring in more serious errors to the computer rather than the system error 5 access denied problem. If you are not knowledgeable on how to modify Windows registry keys, get a professional registry clean tool to do the job for you. Such tools are designed to completely scan the whole PC and fix all problematic items automatically for you.

Well, no matter under which circumstance you get the system error 5 access denied message, you can instantly perform the above steps to go. They will help you troubleshoot & fix system error 5 easily on your own!

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