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System process high ram – Solve system process high memory usage issue quickly

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You might find some of your system processes using a large amount of ram (memory). Typically, it there is more than 60,000 k of memory used by the system processes, your computer will soon run slow, freeze or even crash at any time. First of all, we know that the process System is the collective name of all the active sub process in the kernel (the core of an OS); however, the problem is that not all users know which sub process system if causing the system process high memory usage issue so as to prevent them & optimize PC performance.

system process high memory

To first step you should do when suffering from a system process high memory usage issue is to turn off unnecessary monitoring services. Some new-editions of anti-virus programs will add features to randomly monitor the Web Pages, add-ons and emails, which undoubtedly increase the system burden. Now, even though there is not a reasonable way to solve this problem, it is recommended to turn off some unneeded monitoring services to avoid malfunction which caused by anti-virus programs, or upgrade your hardware to make computer run faster.

Secondly, virus infection is one major cause for the system process high memory usage. Viruses are able to attack and remove any system file from the PC, making the PC to run improperly with kinds of errors including Google Chrome error 101 or unexpected AppCrash problem. Do remember to download and install an advanced antivirus antispyware program to thoroughly scan & remove all PC threats from the computer.

Besides, a disk defragmentation is indispensable in daily computer maintenance so as to prevent system process high ram problem for it will rearrange the contents on the hard disk in order to making a complete file always stays at the same single place coherently and contiguously, Hence it will be much easier to get access to when trying to input or output it. Therefore, the computer may always run at faster speed and also extent the lifespan of the hard disk and the computer.

Fourthly, you should deal with faulty memory. This is one of the most important pieces of hardware within your computer. With the help of the memory, your PC can run quickly by storing data on chips instead of the hard drive. Simply speaking, when the computer needs that data it can quickly be pulled from the RAM. However, some problems with the RAM due to power surges or other hardware issues will make the data that stored on that stick can become corrupted, causing all kinds of problems to the computer including random computer crashes.

Finally, the main cause for the system process high memory usage is down to a part of your computer called the “registry”. This is a central database which stores vital settings & information that the Windows and almost all hardware & software require to run. That is because it stores everything from your desktop wallpaper, to your latest emails and even your stored login details for the computer to tell the system when and when to perform every computer task correctly. However, due to virus infection, a bad uninstallation or installation or some other known reasons, this database can easily get corrupted, causing the computer to crash at any time when fail to recall the required entries. So the last system process high ram fix solution is to download and run a registry clean tool directly to scan and fix all registry errors inside. Do not forget this aspect if wanting to run a computer properly all the time.

According to my own experience, the unwanted programs, files, process on the PC and some other known issues can eventually bring the system process high ram issue and finally make the computer run abnormally. But the good news is that you can maximally optimize the computer and reduce some unnecessary system process high memory usage on your own. Performing the above steps one by one, and you will soon get the computer run at peak performance.

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