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System Progressive Protection – How Can You Remove System Progressive Protection from PC

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System Progressive Protection is from the rogue software family. Just like Windows Active Guard, it also uses the fake security alerts to promote its full version. It pops up warnings and suggests users to run a scan. It displays scaring scan result and suggests users to register the software for virus removal. As System Progressive Protection may slip onto a PC with the plagiarized interface without the computer users permission, many computer users even don’t know when and how their computers are compromised. So how do you know that your computer is under the threat of fake anti-virus program? The following are symptoms that computer is infected with malware:

  • Add hazardous files and programs to your computer
  • Display lots of pop-ups advertising all types of random products
  • Terminates several executable programs or applications
  • Hijack your web browser
  • Modify windows registry
  • Slow down your computer speed
  • Decrease computer performance
  • Steal your confidential data and send it to remote servers

How to Remove System Progressive Protection manually

We find that lots of security programs are disabled by System Progressive Protection without a chance to scanning and removing it. If your antivirus doesn’t work now, here are some tips for you
Step1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking
Step2. Run Task Manager and end processes with random name
Step3. Search the following files and delete them


Step4. Remove temporary files
Step5. Run your antivirus to scan your computer.

Automatic Removal – Easier and Safer
Removing System Progressive Protection automatically means to shift the removing job from the general computer users or the ineffective antivirus program to a more professional removal tool. Such kind of virus removal application is always good at cleaning the computer from those malevolent viruses and threats with a simple operation and a high speed. And I have found a removal tool called Spyware Cease which is outstanding in removing the System Progressive Protection and even other kinds of viruses from your computer. It integrates the function of computer real-time protection and powerful removal and can always protect the computer effectively.

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