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System Service Exception Error fix – Repair System Service Exception Error Now

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on February 7th, 2013 | Leave a comment

The computer just freezes and gives you a System Service Exception Error message? Do you want to start up/launch/shut down the computer properly without any error message? Of course, this is the hope of all PC users but they have to face with various error messages inevitably. And the System Service Exception Error together with a blue screen or computer freezing is the most common one that have to deal with. But why does this error message appears and how to repair System Service Exception Error easily on your own?

fix BSOD error

Just like other BSOD errors, the System Service Exception Error might be caused due to a temporary issue on the PC. Thus, you can directly restart the computer to see whether it solves the error if you get it for the first time.

Then, check to see whether your system is virus-free. Malware infection is one of the common causes for this computer error as they are able to attack and remove any file such as d3dx9_42.dll from your system. What you should do is to remove virus from your computer immediately. It is advised to remove virus automatically with a professional antivirus antispyware program rather than remove it manually. In my opinion, to prevent virus from infecting the computer and bring in unexpected System Service Exception Error, you should let your antivirus antispyware programs running in the background.

Thirdly, you have to bear in mind that too many programs load at one time will result in the lacking of system resource and then cause a System Service Exception Error message. It is highly recommended that you can go to “Start” -> Run ->use the “msconfig” common to access System Configuration Utility, and then disable the programs that do not need to automatically run at windows startup. Hence, more CPU resources and memory will be released for faster or smooth computer running.

By the way, when trying to prevent and fix System Service Exception Error, it is recommended to uninstall the unwanted programs, delete the unused files that you don’t need, and clean up the system junk files from your computer which is followed by a simple disk defragmentation -a good solution to regain a faster computer by rearranging the files on your computer. All of these rather simple steps help you easily release more available memory for the proper running of the programs on your computer.

Besides the software aspects, you’d better use certified drivers maximally so as to prevent a blue screen with System Service Exception Error messages. Nowadays, a large amount of test drivers flood on the Internet, which increases the harder to discover the malfunction causes and results in 100% CPU occupancy, and then a totally blue screen. So it is suggested to use the drivers that certified by Microsoft or released by official, especially the drive for graphic card.

Lastly, you should not miss to fix Windows registry errors. System registry plays a vital role on your computer to store all important settings and information. Both the computer and the hardware/software all need it to perform correctly. However, if it is not maintained properly, it will be full of some useless/invalid/broken entries, to make the computer slow desperately slowly or result in a System Service Exception Error. What’s more, viruses and spyware can also attack and remove some registry entries to make it easily unstable. A simple fix on the registry will make it clean, compact and easily to be accessed and then speed up computer.

Why wouldn’t you choose Registry Easy which contains a registry fixer and system optimizer to do the job for you when encountering a System Service Exception Error? Trust me; it will completely scan the whole PC and repair all errors on your PC causing the annoying System Service Exception BSOD error. Thus, you will be able to run the computer properly all the time!

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