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How to Remove Backdoor.Rocra!gen1 safely

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on January 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Backdoor.Rocra!gen1 belongs to backdoor Trojan from Backdoor.Rocra family that could give hackers access to the compromised pc. Meanwhile other threats could access the system easily via the back door. Backdoor Trojan infection is a disaster for pc as it could damage the system and threaten the confidential data. When Backdoor.Rocra!gen1 infects your computer, it will write itself to windows registry to make sure it could run automatically and drop random files to collect information. According to the command from its server, it may download ma >>> Read More

How Can I Remove Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen from Windows System

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on January 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen is a Trojan horse virus that is mainly used to open a back door for the other threats and its hackers. When it downloaded any malicious file, it will connect to internet automatically and install things without users’ content. It is a great threat for the system as it randomly delete, modify and create files. Another purpose of Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen is to collect information and update it to server. Both download and upload will severely slow down internet speed. Sometime the backdoor virus will shut down and reboot the >>> Read More

Trojan.Tbot Removal – How to Remove Trojan.Tbot completely

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on December 10th, 2012 | Leave a comment
Trojan.Tbot is a backdoor Trojan like Backdoor.Makadocs that allow the hackers to access the compromised computer randomly. The Trojan may install remote desktop control so that hackers can monitor or collect the system. The infected computer has lots of files and registry entries associated with the Trojan. Trojan.Tbot creates related registry entries to enable it to run at windows startup. When the Trojan executes, it may download additional pc threats to the computer or insert itself to a system files. Moreover, the Trojan is detected to col >>> Read More

Backdoor.ciadoor – How to Remove Backdoor.ciadoor instantly

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on November 2nd, 2012 | Leave a comment
Backdoor.ciadoor is a backdoor Trojan that give hackers access to the computer. When it sneaks to your computer successfully, it will firstly to change the name servers which are responsible in the way domains are resolved, a lot of malware will seize the chance to always redirect your web browser and display malicious websites such as Mystart.incredibar.com for the promoting purpose. Backdoor.ciadoor can let other threats access the computer easily and then the infected computer will have various problems. Many legitimate websites you visitin >>> Read More

Trojan.Smowbot Removal – How to Remove Trojan.Smowbot easily from Your PC

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on October 23rd, 2012 | Leave a comment
Trojan.Smowbot is a new detected Trojan used to download more pc threats to the infected computer. When it is triggered, it attempts to use the networking and connect itself to server. Hackers will send commands to the Trojan and control it to perform malicious actions. Trojan.Smowbot can download programs such as Win 8 Defender 2013, execute programs, update itself and send spam message to spread itself. Meanwhile, it damages the system by changing key settings such as firewall. No matter when it receives commands or downloads files, you will >>> Read More