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Simple solutions to fix “VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE” BSOD errors

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There are many times for you to encounter a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error while using the computer due to many reasons. What usually happens together with a BSOD error is that the computer halts all operation, and a blue error screen will pop up & display the error that occurred instead of shutting down completely. One such error that many Windows 7 users encounter should be that reads “VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE”. Remember that TDR is the Timeout, Detection, and Recovery component in Windows. If such a BSOD error cannot be fixed timely, what >>> Read More

How do you fix a 0X00000016 BSOD for Windows computer?

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“STOP: 0X00000016″ “CID_HANDLE_CREATION” It is quite easy for you to get one of the above 0X00000016 BSOD error message while using a Windows computer. Such an error may appear unexpectedly no matter what you are doing on the computer – browse a webpage, play games, see movies or even work on a very important project… I am magic how crazy you are when the computer shuts down suddenly with a blue screen when you are really working on something urgent. But how do you fix a 0X00000016 BSOD for Windows computer? >>> Read More

Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 – Detailed causes and solutions

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Your computer recently got the blue screen of death without any obvious reasons? You keep on getting a Windows 0Xc00000e9 error message when trying to restart the computer and troubleshoot the BSOD issue? Well, every computer will crash suddenly together with a BSOD error over time; but if the Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9 appears too frequently, you need to take immediate actions to solve it. Otherwise, you will be exposed to more serious computer errors. By the way, the error 0Xc00000e9 usually reads like this: “Status: 0Xc00000e9 Info: An unexpec >>> Read More

How do I fix System Service Exception?

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on April 2nd, 2013 | Leave a comment
It seems lots of PC users having multiple BSOD error with the same issue: System Service Exception… It can happen on the most random occasions, when they are on web surfing, typing a word document, or playing a game….It is really annoying and will stop you from using the computer pleasantly. But how do you fix BSOD System Service Exception error effectively? >>> Read More

BSOD Physical Memory Dump Error – How to Prevent & Fix It?

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In the middle of playing a game or working with the computer, you will sometimes find the PC halt and then a blue screen Physical memory dump error pop up suddenly. Most of the times, it said the computer needs to be turned off to prevent further damage to the computer… Yes, it is true that a BSOD error helps to prevent some unexpected errors to the computer. But most of the time, a BSOD Physical memory dump error is caused by problems in the hardware and the software of the computer, which might bring in more serious problems to the PC if can >>> Read More

Kernel data inpage error – Fix blue screen Kernel data inpage error easily

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on November 27th, 2012 | Leave a comment
While using the computer, have you ever found the computer screen suddenly turned blue with a message saying Kernel data inpage error? Sometimes, the PC just restarts without giving any warnings. Actually, a blue screen Kernel data inpage error seems to happen regardless of any activity (idle, gaming, video playback) and stops you from running the computer improperly. In many cases, a blue screens error is the result of a malfunction in your computer either with your hardware or software or sometimes both. Just read on and you will get solution >>> Read More

Computer blue screen c000021a error – Best blue screen error fix

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The computer blue screen c000021a error shows up on a monitor screen suddenly when you start up the computer or working something rather important on the PC. Same as other blue screen errors, why this error happens is due to a failure in loading a required Windows feature to perform your requests properly. And now, almost all Windows-based operating systems including Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 all come to the faith to suffer from such a blue screen error. >>> Read More