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Windows update errors – Possible causes and solutions

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on February 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment
You may receive some error codes such as error code 800B0001 or 0X800a0007 Windows update error while downloading updates either form Microsoft Update Web site or Microsoft Windows Update. Such Windows update errors usually happens when the computer is not able to install the desired Windows updates, and may at the same time expose your PC to some unknown risks. To secure the proper running of the PC and enhance its performance, you should know the common causes and actions that you can take while an update error code suddenly appears. >>> Read More

Error code 0X8024402 repair – Fix error code 0X8024402 easily

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on January 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment
When trying to install updates on Windows Update/Microsoft Update Web sites or search for available updates on the Update site, you may receive an error code 0X8024402C message. Sometimes, it says “Windows update encountered an unknown error; code 0X8024402C”. Though it sounds quite simple, it at most of the time can stop you from installing the desired updates and greatly affects the computer performance. But to enhance PC performance, you should take instant actions to check and fix this Windows update error code immediately. >>> Read More

Windows update error 80072efd – Check and fix error 80072efd in Windows update quickly

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on December 20th, 2012 | Leave a comment
“An error occured while checking for new updates for your computer. Error(s) found: Code 80072EFD. Windows Update encountered an unknown error.” I believe you must encounter this Windows update error 80072EFD right now and this is why you come to my post here. Yeah, similar as other Windows update errors like update error 80070003 or error 0X800B0100, such code 80072EFD message usually happens when the system trying to install some updates on the PC. But how can you get rid of this annoying update error message and install all your desired u >>> Read More

Computer error code 646 – How do I fix error code 646 for Windows update?

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on November 10th, 2012 | Leave a comment
“How do I fix error code 646 for Windows update?” Many users have ever asked themselves this question while using the computer because it is quite common for them to get such error while automatically or manually installing some Windows updates. Typically, the error message usually looks like this: “Error Code: 0X80070646; Windows Update has encountered an unknown error” or “Error Code: 646; Windows Update has encountered an unknown error” No matter it is error code 646 or 0X80070646, they are all generated when the Windows Installer enc >>> Read More