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How to Remove Uncoverthenet.com from Web Browser

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on October 11th, 2012 | Leave a comment
remove Uncoverthenet.com Uncoverthenet.com is a spam-base search engine which tends to display advertisements and give higher rank to sites that pay back to it. The site is classified as malicious domains as it is promoted by browser hijacker virus. Infected web browsers are redirected to Uncoverthenet.com from time to time. In addition to slowing network speed, the browser hijacker brings your other problems. An obvious one is browser is redirected to or your homepage is changed to Uncoverthenet.com. You can not get rid of Uncoverthenet.com co >>> Read More

Searchnu.com Removal – How to Remove Searchnu.com Browser Hijacker easily

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on September 24th, 2012 | Leave a comment
Searchnu.com is classified as a malicious domain though it looks like a normal search engine site. Such fake search engine is usually related to redirect virus. The infected computer will get lots of problems, for example default home page is changed. Searchnu.com can replace the original default search engine and generate annoying ads. Browser hijacker virus always exploit web browser vulnerability and then install unknown add-on or insert malicious codes to the browser, so as to monitor users’ online activities. You may not know that Searchn >>> Read More

Bigseekpro Removal Instruction – How to Remove Bigseekpro from My Web Browser

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on September 19th, 2012 | Leave a comment
Bigseekpro.com presents itself as a web search engine site, but causes many unwanted problems, such as replacing default search engine. The suspicious site gives users no chance to reset their default search engine or homepage. Luckily, it is not used to distribute malicious programs or Trojans. Classified as browser hijacker, Bigseekpro.com can exploit vulnerability in your web browser and then collect sensitive information like your online account data, passwords and identity. Usually browser hijackers sell such information to third parties o >>> Read More